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Checkout 10 Ways To Make Money Online Without Investing A Dime

There are several ways to earn online even without investment. All you need to make some extra cash is your time, your smartphone and internet connection....

Well, there are so many sites to earn online, but most sites are total waste of time. If you really need to make some extra cash online, then make sure you join the sites I'm going to recommend for you.

I will show you awesome paid survey sites and GPT (get-paid-to) sites I've put together, so you don't have to stress yourself or waste your time going through hundreds of sites.

All of these sites are legitimate, easy and free to join.

Getting to understand these sites can be tiring at first, it depends on you though, you might get disqualified for some surveys, you might find it a bit difficult to understand how some of the sites work, but do not give up, sometimes it takes little patience and commitment.

Once you understand how it works, then you can start earning some extra cash.

Now, personally, I'll recommend you join 4-7 of these sites so you can have several options to get a reasonable amount of money but mind you, you need to be patient, study and get familiar with each site.

You need to know this isn't a complete list of all rewarding sites, but instead it's a quality list you can trust.

Let's get straight to the point.... Here is a list of some rewarding sites that will definitely add some extra cash to your wallet.


Payment Methods: PayPal, Gift Cards

Payout Thresholds: $25

Short Summary
One of the most popular sites, and rightfully so, Swagbucks offers traditional surveys as well as a range of additional ways to make cash. Filling out surveys for money will reward you with points called SB.
Swagbucks remains popular with several ways to earn like playing games, watching videos, shopping online, completing polls and lots more.
Infact, with Swagbucks, you can monetise your internet searches, if you use their own search engine just like you use chrome and other browser.
Free to join,with lots of incentives….


Payment Methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, gift cards

Payout Threshold: $5

Short Summary:
ySense  is available worldwide with several ways you can earn. 
You can earn by taking surveys, doing micro-tasks, daily activity and much more.

Sometimes, you'll need to be patient to get surveys you qualify for, but since there are several options it is worth trying.

Payment Methods: PayPal, charity donations

Payout Threshold: $4

Short Summary:
Hiving Surveys is a survey panel with its own site for Nigeria. It is very simple to use as you will just start receiving survey invitations via email after you sign up.
It doesn't give huge amount but it will surely add some extra cash to your wallet.

Payment Methods: PayPal, Skrill

Payout Threshold: $6.25

Short summary:
Mobrog is a survey site available in Nigeria.
After registering, you will start to get email invitations for surveys.
You have to be patient because you will not qualify for all the surveys, but with time, you will get the ones you qualify for.


Payment Methods: PayPal, Amazon gift cards

Payout Threshold: $10

Short summary:
Surveyeah is a survey site in Nigeria and it is very easy to use.
Once you sign up, you start getting email invitations for surveys.
It's not a get rich site, but can add extra cash and it doesn't take much of your time.
Register HERE


Payment Methods: Bitcoin Skrill, AirTM, Payeer, Bank Transfer, Neteller

Payout Threshold:$10

Short Summary
TimeBucks is an online reward portal, where you can earn money in several ways. 
You earn by completing surveys, watching videos, completing micro tasks,free money roll, clicking on links, referrals, solving captcha and lots more.

It is very easy to sign up. Just click HERE, It takes a few seconds to sign up.


Payment Methods: PayPal, bank transfer, mobile credit, charity donations

Payout Threshold: No threshold

Short summary:
WowApp is an interesting reading site with so many ways to earn.
You get paid to take surveys, read the news, call and chat, shopping online, play games and so much more.
It requires a bit of patience to get familiar, but I is worth it.
Payment Methods: PayPal, Gift cards

Payout Threshold:$7-$10

Short Summary
Triaba is an international paid survey site. Unlike others It doesn't offer  other options to make money than surveys.
You get notifications via your mail anytime there's survey.
You only need to visit the site whenever you want to check your balance or you want to cash your money..
It is free to sign up and to participate.
Why don't you give it a trial..

Payment Methods: PayPal, gift cards, custom rewards

Payout Threshold: $5

Short summary:
Rewards1 is not very popular reward site but with patience it can fetch you some decent earning opportunities.
You can earn by taking surveys, watching videos,taking offers, invite friends, and more. The more active you are, the more benefits you also get as a member.


Payment Method: PayPal, Skril, or gift cards

Payment Threshold: $3

Short Summary offers several opportunities to earn. 

You can anwser surveys, watch videos, take offers, download apps and more. 
You get 500 points for free, if you join on this page.

The list will be updated regularly, make sure you bookmark this page to easily check back more opportunities once in a while. Feel free to ask any question.

If you find this helpful, kindly share with friends....

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