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Coronavirus Pandemic - Checkout How Family Welcomed Daughter When She Returned Home


Undoubtedly, the  coronavirus pandemic has changed several people's lifestyle across the world.

Changes have been made to the way we eat, think, infact, the we relate with people, and also the way we welcome our loved ones after returning from another country or state.

Recently, a twitter user  shared a video showing how her family welcomed her sister when she returned home.

Contrary to the hugging, help in carrying luggages, in the video, the family maintained social distancing as they offer the daughter wipes to clean her hands while the father cleaned the gate even after telling him she didn't touch the gate.

Funnily, the family didn't allow her bring her bags into the house as the mother ordered her to drop it outside for cleaning

See video below:

Nigeria has confirmed a total of 46 Coronavirus cases spreading across 8 states while tracing thousands of contact cases for testing. It is important to take seriously precautionary measures to curtail the further spread of the virus.

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