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   On April 29,2024, the ongoing feud between Davido and Wizkid took a darker turn as both icons exchanged heated words on X, leaving netizens entertained and concerned by the feud’s intensity.


   Even though it’s not clear why they are arguing now , they used to be really close both in public and online five months back. Their relationship has always been a mix of good times and arguments. 

   Wizkid sparked controversy by posting viral of Davido showing him in tears on his knees as a playful tease for fans to beg him for a new music with the caption “ Beg me like this.send video”



   Davido swiftly fired back stating that the street has already embraced Wizkid’s music and went on to taunt him by calling him a sick man challenging him to release a solo track.

  Refusing to be overshadowed, Wizkid fires back branding Davido as delusional and boldy stating that even if he were to retire immediately, Davido would have nothing on him.


     This latest clash online between the two superstars marks the lowest point in their ongoing feud, with both artist engaging in the most heated argument yet.


     The future of their love-hate relationship remains uncertain, leaving observers to wonder if reconciliation is still possible.

@kussman- Lmao no be say e repost this video 😂E get am for phone, I don die 😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@UnkleAyo- Davido coming online to see his strawberry lingerie trending again for the second time:😭That egbon go get g-string, e no get how

   Watch video below 👇 

      @Wizkidayo- Beg me like this.send video😎🦅



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