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2024: 7 Habits You Need To Succeed


We exist in a time where distractions are all around us, making it increasingly crucial to foster habits that set us on the path of success rather than just talk and yearn for it. Well, it is great to anyway because desires do count, but only when they lead you to nurture habits that enhance your productivity and lead you toward success.

Let's quickly get into 7 habits that are essential if you wish to achieve success in 2024

1) Embrace discipline

Eh! You will do nothing without this habit. It should be the first on everyone's list, for people who want to achieve success oooo as some are too complacent in whatever situation they find themselves but we are not doing that here in 2024.

To truly succeed in life, it’s crucial to acknowledge that discipline is not optional. It’s important to disregard the fantasy of freedom that comes from believing your desires can shape your reality. The fact is, they don’t. Your habits do, and they are most effective when they become second nature. When you act instinctively.

You will need to move from relying on motivation to cultivate discipline, you all alone can do all the pushing yourself. You see, the mentality of I can't do this alone, I need someone to push me, trash it, and stand 'gidigba' like the true motivation that you are. 

It is always funny that some of us take up motivational speaker's job for others seamlessly but cannot motivate ourselves, see, it is innate, everything you need, you have, you only need the courage and discipline to use it.

2) Consistency beats intensity

There was a time in my life when I would dive headfirst into new ventures with intense energy and enthusiasm. I’d work tirelessly, day and night, pouring all my efforts into achieving my goals. But, as is the nature of intensity, it would wane over time.

I remember when I decided to learn a new language. I started with a language app called DUOLINGO. The first few weeks were filled with intense study sessions, challenging my friend with the number of lessons covered which often stretches late into the night and I thought this intense dedication would fast-track my learning because of the excitement and time put into it. But soon, the initial excitement wore off, and I went days without opening my language app. Later, my friend and I applied for a scholarship, got approval and we were super excited about it. Guess what, few days into it, the eagerness started dwindling and, eventually, we stopped altogether.

That’s when I realized the importance of consistency. Now, instead of having intense bursts of effort followed by periods of inactivity, I aim for consistency. I dedicate a small but regular amount of time each day to this course. For instance, instead of trying to master a new language in a few weeks, I now spend a few minutes every day practicing, first not to master the language but to master consistency. When I share my progress on social media, only a few can relate because they won't understand what it takes to keep track of 200+ days and counting.

It’s not as glamorous or thrilling as those intense study sessions were, but it’s sustainable, and most importantly, it’s led to actual progress.

Consistency is what drives long-term growth and success. This one habit has significantly changed my life and can do the same in yours.

3) Say goodbye to comfort zones

No jokes, this really affected me. Now, consider your current lifestyle, your daily routine follows a certain pattern, your favorite food has been the same over the years and your weekend plans rarely change.

I've come to realize that, to truly grow in life, it’s crucial to accept that staying within your comfort zone isn’t an option, it's a trap. It’s necessary to release the illusion of safety that comes from believing your comfort zones protect you. I'm sorry to disappoint you, they don’t.
Your experiences outside these zones do, and they are most impactful when they happen without overthinking.

If you can stop relying on your safety nets and start creating situations in your life that challenge you, your potential for growth and success will become apparent from what happens in your life. 

Get your hands on things you've wanted to do but indecision and fear have imprisoned your capabilities to evolve in those things. Don't think too much, you've thought about it for so long, it's time to take action. 

Take the first step, do away with distractions, be consistent, and viola, you have achieved what you tagged as most difficult.

4) Embracing failure is a must

I started this article by emphasizing the importance of actions and habits. Interestingly, actions and habits also define how we perceive failures. In my little journey, I have often been met with obstacles and failures. Most times, I get engrossed in overcoming these hurdles. My intentions are commendable, because, I developed a habit of making myself and the people around me believe each failure brings me closer to success. I do this with so much confidence and it has worked for me over the years.

Sometimes, I overthink, I become frustrated, and probably not the most pleasant person to be around but over time, I learned to embrace failures and appreciate the lessons they impart.

I don’t focus on my intentions anymore, I am more able to reflect on my response to failures and change how I react. I turn my negativity into positivity by channeling this growth that comes from failing.

When you fail again and again, you must look deeply, think thoroughly, and ensure you can hold on to your progress.

5) Success isn’t a destination

Conventional knowledge often portrays success as a final destination, a pinnacle to attain. However, I've learned that this isn’t the “true success.” Instead, real success comes from adopting an attitude of perpetual improvement. It comes from observing your progress, and your wins.

According to Kaizen's philosophy, “Observe your progress. Don’t rush or impose unrealistic expectations—just watch whatever you are doing. Don’t interrupt it, don’t belittle it, don’t suppress it; don’t interfere at all on your part. You just be an observer, and as you observe, gradually you become better; but you are not settling, you are becoming more proficient, more efficient.”

When you strive to “reach the top” all the time, you give too much importance to the endpoint and lose your strength.

6) Visualize your success

Many successful people, from athletes to entrepreneurs, believe in the power of visualization.
They envision their success, experiencing the emotions, actions, and rewards of achieving their goals before they’ve even happened.

This practice stimulates the brain to believe that these visualized successes are real, tricking it into working towards these goals as if they were already achieved.

For those feeling uncertain about their future, visualization can provide a sense of direction. It’s a reminder that our dreams and aspirations aren’t just figments of our imagination but achievable realities and it encourages us to see our journey as part of a larger narrative while providing a sense of purpose and motivation.

Don't mind people who will say 'imagination wan kill you' or the ones that will call you 'delulu' it's not an altogether bad thing to do, it is for a purpose and what you should focus on is the result.

7) Rest is as important as work

In a society that glorifies hustle and ceaseless effort, taking time to rest might seem inadequate. We’re told that success belongs to the relentless, the ones who work tirelessly while everyone else sleeps.

But the truth is rest is not a barrier to success, but a fundamental part of it. Our minds and bodies are not machines; they need time to recharge and rejuvenate and without it, our productivity diminishes, creativity suffers setbacks, and over time, we risk exhaustion and a possible fallout.

Those who truly succeed understand that rest is a form of work in itself. It allows us to return to our tasks with renewed energy and perspective. It’s a time for reflection, for letting our subconscious minds unravel problems and generate new ideas.

The intricacy of human success and personal growth is deeply linked with our habits. One such correlation is the relationship between successful people and their persistent commitment to cultivating beneficial habits. These habits, as varied as they may be, serve as strong pillars in the foundation of their success. 

Whether it’s embracing discipline, stepping out of comfort zones, treating failures as lessons, or understanding the importance of rest, remember, success isn’t a destination but a journey – a journey marked not by how fast we travel but by how well we’ve cultivated the habits that make this journey fruitful and fulfilling.

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