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Singles!!! Faith oyedipo has a message for you [Find Out]



Faith Oyedepo, the wife of the founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, also known as Winners Chapel, has advised young women searching for husbands to always dress smart.

In a now-viral video, Faith is heard teaching the church’s youth how to dress when “believing God for a spouse”.

She implored people searching for spouses to take good care of themselves and avoid dressing shabbily like “grandma or grandpa”.

Faith wondered how the youth will look once they get married and start giving birth to children if they are already wearing the appearance of aged peoplel

.She further urged the youth to always look “neat, simple and smart”.

She also advised young men to shave their beards, button their shirts and dress properly.

“Ladies, don’t dress like a grandmother when you’re believing God for a spouse. Don’t you see, open and shine your eyes. Because if you look like a grandmother now by the time you get married what will happen,” she said.

“Men, groom your hair and trim your beards so the ladies will see your face. Don’t let your beards cover your eyes, we want to see you. Don’t dress in your shirt flying around and then walk around in slippers.

“If you look like a grandfather when you’re still single, how will look at 70? So be neat, simple, and smart.”

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