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Nigerians react as ASUU extends ongoing strike again



A cross-section of Nigerians has reacted to the decision of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) to extend its ongoing strike again.

Recall that ASUU decided to extend its ongoing strike again after a series of heated discussions during its National Executive Council (NEC) meeting.

The meeting was held at the union’s headquarters at the University of Abuja from Sunday till Monday morning.

The strike, which began on February 14th, entered its 196th day on Monday after the federal government failed to meet some of its demands.

However, Nigerians have taken to Twitter to react to the development. Some criticized the Federal Government over the prolonged strike, while others blamed ASUU.

Below are some comments gathered by DAILY POST:

@IamShola_best wrote: “The Federal Government should just allow those that want to resume among the lecturers go back to class and dismiss the rest and pay those that resume, then recruit new people to take the place of those that will be dismissed.”

@Dambatta_1, “They should keep extending it while the country’s future keeps staying at home. The solution is for FG to proscribe the organization, sack all of them and employ those that are ready to work. If not for ASUU, many students would’ve been graduates by now.”

@Homodayor, “It seems our leaders don’t value education due to the manner in which the strike is being handled by the Ministers of education and labour while Fmr pre. Obasanjo said he went to Minna to discuss the national agenda. Does it mean education is not vital? The strike has been going on four more than 6months.

@MbahTheCreator, “At this point Asuu are the problem. Miracle kosisochukwu

@miracle_emedo, “Pls how is Asuu the problem …you know ASUU can start and run the school like a gov sec school where u come to school and never see your lecturer cause they might start a side Business to meet up with this messed up economy if this govt did their job would ASUU be on strike?

Israell1942, “Asuu is such a useless union that even under Obi they’ll go on strikeThey’ve gone on strike under every administration. Everybody knows ASUU is the one and only problem.

@stefan_marteen, “This government is anti-youth, if not, why isn’t this given urgent attention? Why wait this long to even hold meaningless discussions when they know they won’t come to a compromise? As for ASUU, it’s all or nothing and I won’t blame them.

@Ayoooafeez, “Guy forget Apc in this matter. ASUU own too much, even if you are the one in power, you won’t do more than what FG has done. They are fighting for salaries they didn’t work for.

@vixsonics, “The thing that is hurting the feelings of these ASUU people is that, they are not going to receive free 6 Months of Salaries for the time they were on Strike.

@ordies_, “So the “we are the leaders of tomorrow” we sang while growing up was a scam.”

@pauldafiakpor1, “The government should keep to their and settle them so the strike can be called off, poor man too suffer in Nigeria.”

@japaprofessor_ wrote: “Sad, students should better start getting productive and stop hinging their hopes on the outcome of FG-ASUU meetings.”

@AhanotuIkenna wrote: “Sad to say, but students should forget going to school this year. I don’t see that strike being called off till after the elections except if something happens.”

@ukange_davidx wrote: “Every time they call for a meeting. I always have this feeling we Gonna get bad news.”

@Miniboyyrn_ wrote: “Tho my sister is crying for a big help, we wey dey.

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