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Monkeys reportedly kidn@pped a 4-month-old baby and threw him off a roof [See details]



A troop of wild monkeys in India st@le a baby from his father and tossed the boy from a third-story rooftop, k#lling him instantly, according to reports.

According to DNA India, the infant’s father, Nirdesh Upadhyay, 25, and his wife were on their rooftop with their 4-month-old son Friday in Bareilly when several monkeys att@cked them.

Upadhyay’s wife managed to escape the unhinged monkeys, but the troop cornered him. He tried to run off, but dropped his son as he did, leaving one of the animals to scoop up the boy and toss him off the rooftop.

The source reports that an investigation into the de@dly incident is reportedly underway. The de@d boy is survived by his parents and one sibling. The family had been prepping for the child’s naming ceremony when the fatal att@ck occurred, reports indicated.

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