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Maradona's doctors the focus of investigation after medical form revealed

A document has emerged that throws up more questions surrounding the death of Diego Maradona in 2020.

The former footballer died at the age of 60 when he suffered a heart attack at his home in Tigre, Buenos Aires on November 25, 2020.

Earlier that month, on November 2, Maradona had been admitted to hospital in La Plata and underwent surgery on a blood clot in his brain a day later.

Now, a document from Maradona's Olivos clinic has emerged with details of a meeting on November 5 between the Argentine's daughters, his doctor Leopoldo Luque, his psychiatrist Dra Cosachov, the clinic's director Dr. Pablo Dimitroff and chief doctor of the intensive care unit, Fernando Villarejo.

This document, which outlines the details of Maradona's treatment, is important as investigations continue into who was responsible for his death.

"This part of the document is clear as day about the risks that Maradona was running," one of the investigator's in the case told Infobae.

"To explain; the clinic is telling his personal doctors that the treatment can be dangerous even with controlled doses, with monitoring, breathing support and nutritional assistance. There was absolutely none of this at his home in Tigre."

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