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D’banj Rape Saga: Seyitan Withdraws Petition Reveals Reason


Seyitan Babatayo, the lady who accused Dbanj of raping her has withdrawn her petition against the singer.

Miss Seyitan had accused the singer of raping her in a hotel two years ago.

However, on Friday, she withdrew her petition which stirred controversies online as the human rights group, Stand To End Rape Initiative (STER), which was trying to get justice for her accused activist, Segalink of trying to “pervert justice” in the case.

STER claimed that Segalink set up a meeting to negotiate a private settlement with Seyitan’s legal counsel and Dbanj’s team which was against their policy.

But, Seyitan in a statement on her Twitter page debunked the allegation against activist Segalink of trying to pervert justice.

According to her, it was her family that tried to settle with Dbanj’s team so they reached out to Segalink.

Her statement reads in part: “It was my family members and I that did resolve to and subsequently contacted @Segalink to facilitate a meeting with D-banj’s team for a resolution of the issue and as I did not intend to continue with this contention.

She dismissed the statement by STER on Segalink which she termed grossly incorrect.

“I use this opportunity to apologize to Segalink for any damage this erroneous statement made by STER may have caused him and also appeal to STER to correct same in light of the clear truth.”

She further appreciated every civil Organisation that helped out in her case even as she urged the public to give her peace at the moment.

“I really want my PEACE. Thank you,” her statement added.

Also , Segalink reacting, said that Seyitan and her family were not interested in pursuing the case or a legal battle from the beginning.

His tweet read: “Seyi and her family are not interested in any CASE or legal battle before the involvement of STER or police.”

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