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Checkout "FO-POSE" And What You Need To Know About The Killer Of Strength (Ep1)


You don’t need to check your dictionary for the meaning of the topic FO-POSE, it will be made cleared at the tail end of this article. So, gently ride with me.

"Wow! I want to know the killer that kills strength" - one of the reader said.

Imagine, strength is used in the process of killing right? Yes. For instance, during festive period or a ceremony we kill various type of animals esp., cow. To do this, strength is required, right? Yes.

Now, the topic made it known to us that there is killer, which can take away that strength in you.

Listen and read this carefully.
One of the chief killers of strength is "lack of focus". This has been the ancient termite that stylishly and sluggishly eats up the foundation of our strength, especially, the youths. Tell me, if a foundation is taken away from a building, what remains? Nothing!

The motto for lack of focus is “jack of all trade, master of none" and another one is "present everywhere doing nothing.” 

Immediately, you observed this in your life you have to sit up and tighten your belt - I mean remove the first two words from the chief killer and it will give you " Focus" what am telling you is FOCUS!! 

Listen, you can not involve yourself in everything. All things, anything and expect effective and efficient result. To be focused, you have to know the mother of focus and that’s PURPOSE.

When the purpose of anything is known, then the achievement is possible because focus is present.

A proverb in Yoruba [a tribe in Nigeria] will say " ti igi ba wo lu igi, ti oke la ko ko gbe kuro", that is, if there are many log of woods resting on one another in layers, you sought it out from the top. 

Therefore, let your purpose be re-defined and you will kill the killer of strength.

Therefore in this series we will be talking about FOCUS and PURPOSE, which will be tagged FO-POSE. Kindly lookout for FO-POSE 2 for transforming words. 

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