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6 Amazing Drug-free Ways To Overcome Anxiety Fast


Anxiety is body's natural response to stress.  A feeling of fear about uncertainties.
No doubt, the everyday pressures of life can turn you into an anxious mess.

What does anxiety feel like?

When you feel scared or seriously anxious,  it affects the body and mind almost immediately.

Some  symptoms of anxiety include but not limited to:
  • You heart beat may feel irregular or very fast
  • You sweat a lot
  • You get distracted and find it hard to concentrate
  • You feel weak
  • You feel dizzy
  • You experience chest pain
  • Your bowels feel loose amongst others

Anxiety sometimes can be difficult to control, but in most cases you can overcome your anxiety with these simple tips...

1. Let It Out

Speaking with a trusted friend is one effective way to control your anxiety.

This doesn't mean you're putting fear in others, meanwhile, you should know the nature of the person you're pouring your pent-up frustrations on.

Carefully manage your anxiety till you overcome it, don't fight it, because the more  you do, the more overwhelming it can become.

In some situations where there's no one to talk to, screaming at the top of your voice will really help.

 2. Know Your Limits

You shouldn't overwhelm yourself with everyone else’s personal problems, this will worsen your anxiety.

Well, we all know that there’s more happiness in giving than receiving, but you should know your limits, don't leave your personal life and use 100% of your time worrying about others.

When you spend almost all your energy caring for others, you'll have little or no strength to care for yourself.

It doesn’t mean you should never help anyone, but know your limitations, and don’t be afraid to say “no” when you need to.

3. Take Deep Breaths

Being Focused, taking deep breaths can calm both the mind and body.

All you need to do is get yourself to a quiet room or area, take a deep breath for a count of 10, hold for a second, and then exhale for another count of 10.

You can do this over and over till you feel your heart rate fall.

4. Understand Your Feelings

Most of us are scared of  the unknown, anxious about uncertainty.

You need to understand  your feelings of anxiety, recognize them, and then work on analysing them from your own point of view.

Well, you might be worried about something you can’t control...

You might be scared of an outcome that’s unlikely...

Be positive, talk your way through your feelings, you will understand that you are just being nervous about something you aren't even sure about.

When you understand your feelings, it will calm you down and make you feel better.

5.  Visualize Something You Love Or Makes You Happy

If you’re feeling anxious, try visualizing a place that will instantly calm you.

It could be a person, a place, jus anything, try and visualize that person, place and it will definitely give you a soothing calmness.

This is very helpful especially in a situation you can’t avoid. 

Just take deep breath while you envision that location or that person.

6. Face Your Fear If You Can

Most people always avoid situations that scare them, infact the more you avoid such situations that triggers your anxiety, the more your fears grow.

You should understand that you can't always avoid your triggers for life, you know what, when you are stuck in such situation it becomes a disaster.

Give yourself an exit strategy, why not see whether the situation you've been avoiding since childhood is always as bad as you expect.

Most times you need to indentify your triggers and face them, facing your fears is a very effective way to overcome anxiety.

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  1. I did some of these when I was going through my postpartum anxiety! Great tips!

    Jessica | Babble Mama Babble