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Love Charm: Bound Photos Of A Man And A Lady Discovered Inside Pineapple (Photos)


The friends and followers of a Facebook user were taken aback after the user took to his page to share pictures of the content of a pineapple he found ashore.

Inside the pineapple fruit, Simon Utsu discovered the photographs of a man and a woman bound together.

Obviously, surprised by this, Simon took to his page to share on his timeline what he’d just discovered.

Simon revealed in his post that he found the tied fruit “on the Atlantic shoreline”. Simon wondered if it’s likely to be a love charm. “Voodoo? Love charm?”, he asked in his post.

He concluded his post saying if it is indeed voodoo, then “some sweet juicy love is about to turn very bitter”.

In his words,

“Things we see on the Atlantic shoreline. Pictures of a guy and a lady placed in a pineapple & bound. Voodoo? Love charm? Some sweet juicy love is about to turn very bitter innit.


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