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ALERT: 5 Common Mistakes To Avoid During Npower Registration


So you have to be very careful when you are doing your online registration, any little mistake can result to disqualification.

Your chances of being selected if you make these common Mistakes are slim.

Let's get started:

1. BVN name

The name on your BVN must be the same name  you will use during your online registration.

If you aren't sure get it printed out, Npower directed all applicants to have the BVN printout slip before starting the registration in order to avoid stories that touch the heart.

2. Selection of Category.

Do not select the wrong category during your registration, this can disqualify you.

Remember the application is open for graduates and non graduates.

Applicants with OND, NCE, SSCE should only apply for N-Power Build, N-Power Tech and N-Power Creative

Applicants with  HND and Bachelor's Degree and equivalent can apply for any of the available programs with their qualifications

3. Uploading of certificates

Ensure you upload clear and correct certificates in JPEG format.

How on earth will someone upload unclear documents? πŸ™„πŸ™„

Unfortunately, some do, if you really want to be selected make sure your certificate is clear enough, thousands of people are involved no one is going to give your credentials a special attention.

4. Bio-data form

As a result of impatience, must people pay little attention to their details during application, they are just particular about completing the process.

Don't be shocked if you supply incorrect data you've worked your disqualification yourself.

Ensure every details appear on your bio data form as it appears on all your certificate.

5. Account information

Your account information is very important, if not,  why then are you applying if not to get paid.

Do not input wrong Account number or Account name, if you were eventually selected and not disqualified you will have payment problem.

Prepare your mind, when others are getting paid, you will be running up and down to fix the problem.

So be careful, go through your details multiple times before submitting. SUCCESS!

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