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"In Nigeria Retirement Age Is 60-65, Appointment Age Is 70-80" - Nigerians React To Buhari's New Appointment


Several reactions have continued to trail the appointment of Prof. Ibrahim Gambari as the new Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari.

The President confirmed his appointment on Wednesday at the Federal Executive Council meeting where he was seen occupying the position of the Cos

Reacting, some Nigerians on social media have stressed that Gambari will be worse than Kyari as he was one of Abacha’s allies, while some complained about his age others said he was a good choice.

See Reactions gathered…

@biafra4ever "I simply laugh at the duplicitous hypocrisy, (or is it infantile and imbecilic vacuity?), of those saying that @MBuhari is appointing a Chief of Staff. Do they think that the world does not know that the appointee is the UNELECTED PRESIDENT of #TheZooCalledNigeria?

@Cliqik, “A friendly reminder that Prof. Gambari was Minister for External Affairs between 1984 and 1985 when Buhari was a military dictator, today he’s the new Chief of Staff. This reunion of old gang can only mean one thing, Tomorrow is still very far in Nigeria.”

@lov_jey, "Buhari n his Cabal have done it again...
Past + present =future...
This man is just there to continue wat abbakyari started in the past n could not finish in the present... =future hardship this country is yet to experience....#Gambari

@emmaikumeh, "Nigeria - a country governed of the old people, by the old people and for the old people! πŸ˜‚ 

@Tutsy22, “From frying pan to fire. From Kyari to Gambari. He was one of Abacha’s strongest bingo.”

@martinsoke1, "I feel so sorry for Nigerians. NASS and other institutions who could have faulted such one-sided appointment are doing nothing. Toothless bulldog some say..."

@mrsbee78, "Please is this a northern country? and why a 75 years old man, can he still think straight? ..... Oh, I jus tire for this Obodo Nigeria"

@henryshield, “Dear Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, Congratulations on your appointment as Chief of Staff to President @MBuhari. I’ve heard good and bad things about you but I’m more interested in what you’ll bring to the table. I hope and pray you have a true idea of what Nigerians are passing through.”

@Bishopikedi1, “Only in Nigeria will retirement age be 60 to 65 but appointment age is 70 to 80. If you doubt me, ask Gambari.”

@drpenking, “Buhari has Appointed 75-year-old Former External Affairs Minister, Gambari , As Chief Of Staff. This is a government of the ancestors, for the ancestors and by the ancestors.”

@vicentodey4, "Just like @MBuhari he is older the the country"

@gimbakakanda, “For Nigerian students of foreign policy, Ibrahim Gambari is a foundational teacher, and best known for his Concentric Circles Theory in analyzing Nigeria’s external engagements. He’s exhibited his skills in theory and practice, making him a prized gatekeeper for the Presidency.”

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