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VIDEO: Kemi Olunloyo Quizzes Nigerians, Makes Some Shocking Revelations


Popular investigative Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has challenged Nigerians to diligently make findings of whatever they hear before believing such, adding that most people find joy in making sensations from whatever they hear without proper investigation.

Speaking in a video she shared online, she said she basically needs to educate people on what is going on in the world as that's what intelligence is all about.

The popular journalist who revealed few things about herself stressed that a lot of people never know her, but perceived her of one mad crazy woman because of what they heard about her.

She further said most people never thought of finding things out themselves but rather listen to what others say and then make up perceptions.

Meanwhile, she revealed people thinks she wanted to be like Linda Ikeji and probably  why they are always attacking each other but Kemi said they know nothing about her..

She said,
 "I see people saying I wanna be like Linda, I'll like to be one of the top bloggers in the top ten pioneer blogger list in America, that's what she said, there's footage.
Linda ikeji destroyed my business, I hope you no that, I got a 30m deal with etisalat and Linda wiped it away by writing a story saying that I kept a lot of guns in my house, then se apologized by laughing it off in a tweet.. I lost my deals.. 
If I really was wicked, I would now come out and sue her now that she's made an empire called Linda Ikeji TV
Asking questions, she said Nigerians no nothing and never believe whatever she says, however, she revealed that the medical doctor who treated Abba Kyari in Lagos died of the virus and nobody talked about it.

She said, 
"I just wanted to say Nnamdi kanu has died right?

I just want to make news up? 

When people abuse me that I'm insane, media outlets celebrate that. Abba Kyarri Died as soon as he got to Lagos, that poor doctor that treated him in ikoyi, he died too, did you know that?"
She further revealed people attack her because she declared herself the most intelligent woman in Nigeria, while she added that intelligence is not about having 3 first class degrees as many people think,  but sharing intelligence.

She argued Women are meant to empower others, but some people do not give back to the society.

"The big ladies up there in the Igbo tribe, don't go back and give back to the little ones that put them up there.

I asked Linda a lot of times, tweets, posts start teaching people how you make money, teach them blogging.

I've asked ngozi the same. Ngozi was a finance minister twice in this government called Nigeria. She has never had a finance seminar, and I believe that the kind of knowledge ngozi has, she could really make a difference" she added.

Meanwhile, speaking about her home state, Oyo, she condemned the approach the the governor is using to fight the pandemic, a she however acknowledged Seyi Makinde to be a good governor but advised he appoints a medical doctor as the head of COVID-19 task force as much experience is needed to contain the fast spreading virus in the state.

She said,

"Oyo state is in a pandemic mode now and I see people abusing me, Seyi may have been a good governor, but with this pandemic, I'm not saying he's a bad governor, he's really handling it very poorly. I feel that when seyi contacted coronavirus then recovered, he shouldn't have been at the top of that Task Force"
He should have appointed somebody, and preferably a medical doctor, that's where UCH is ... Somebody could have been there"

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