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COVID-19: Man Innovates ‘Cuddle Curtain’ To Safely Hug Grand-mum Amidst Pandemic (Watch Video)


Due to the social distancing currently in place across the world, a 29year old man has created a special way of giving his relatives a much-needed hug during the Coronavirus pandemic as distancing measures are enforced the world over.

Antony Cauvin, from Stratford-upon-Avon, who works as a plasterer, created a 'cuddle' curtain with arms so he could hug his grandmother who he had missed giving a cuddle after spending months apart due to the pandemic.

The ‘Cuddle Curtain’ created by Cauvin uses a see-through shower curtain fitted with long safety sleeves on either side so that two people can stand opposite one another and embrace without any skin-to-skin or breath contact.

Cauvin said he tested the curtain with his wife Miriam before taking it to his grandparents’ house and fixing it in their garden. ‘We giggled about it but thought, “this could actually work”,’ he told Sky News.

His wife Miriam filmed the adorable moment he and grandma Lily finally hugged again – with their video now shared on Facebook more than 162,000 times in with millions of views.

Cauvin has now left it in his grandparents’ garden so that their seven other grandchildren and three great-grandchildren can come along for their own cuddles.

Watch Video Here:

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