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US President Accuses Other Countries Of Lying About The Number Of COVID-19 Deaths


United States President, Donald Trump has accused other countries of lying about the number of Coronavirus deaths after the United States became the country with the highest number of deaths and infections in the world.

Donald Trump said in response to a question from DailyMail on Wednesday.

"You think you're getting honest numbers from some of these countries?."

He also said during his press briefing in the White House that,

"Does anybody really believe the numbers of some of these countries?"

According to Mail Online, the United States currently contains 20 percent of all global coronavirus deaths despite being only four percent of the world's population.

The president also questioned the numbers of cases in China, saying: 

'Some countries that are in big trouble and they are not reporting the facts. All I know is we report the facts and we are a country that's getting better.'

Moreso, Trump claimed on Wednesday that the U.S. has 'passed the peak' of new Coronavirus cases and revealed plans to relax social distancing measures and open back up the American economy.

"You already know we'll be opening up some states, some states much sooner than others and we think that some states can actually open up before the deadline May 1" Trump said.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the United States has 644,746 cases of Coronavirus and 28,593 deaths.

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