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CONTROVERSY! Celebrities React To Funke Akindele's Verdict


Colleagues of Nollywood Star Funke Akindele who was arrested, charged and sentenced to 14 days community service for violating the social distancing rule have called on the arrest of journalists at the court while they expressed sympathy and encourage her to be strong.

Most of her colleagues took to their social media handles acknowledging that the  award winning actress had been of a good behaviour over the years and had impacted meaningfully to the growth of the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Check out different reactions:

Actress Bidemi Kosoko wrote:
 “You can’t be broken sis because God is on your side. It is just so unfortunate that we live in a country where just one mistake erase millions of good things you have done. It is well sis,” 

Actor Bolanle Ninalowo also uploaded her her picture said:
 ” You will overcome,” 

Instagram comedian, Mr Macaroni wrote;
"Funke Akindele in court!!! Wait, isn’t this the exact same reason she was arrested ? 
Who will arrest those in this video now?"

Actress Beverly Naya wrote;
"Imagine being prosecuted for breaking a law only to be surrounded by a swarm of people breaking the exact same law. Weird times! Break the law to enforce it? Smh!"

Actress Iyabo Ojo wrote;
What happened was wrong no doubt, however, we're all humans and no one is perfect, .
So on her behalf & hubby I apologise once again 
It's going to be ok dear, stay strong @funkejenifaakindele @jjcskillz this shall pass ..
Moreover, I will like to bring to your notice sir, that everyone most especially the media personnel who went to court today on this issue should all be quarantined bcos there was no social distancing in display. Thank you sir @jidesanwoolu

 Actress Fathia Williams wrote: 
” To err is human, to forgive is Divine. Be strong, the Lord is with you,

Actress Opeyemi Aiyeola wrote;
Ok the Bello’s @funkejenifaakindele n @jjcskillz are being persecuted for breaking the law. Correct they shld be persecuted but ejor making a show at this extremely delicate n sensitive time of a pandemic is what I don’t understand. Are these people not more than 20?
Where’s the practice of social distancing? Whose breaking the law now?
Shldnt everyone in the video or the gatherer of the gathering be persecuted as well? tori eleyi o ye mi o.
Everyone in this video should be rounded up and put in isolation. Government risking people’s lives, just to show they are working. Ko buru!
Which way Nigeria ??
Naija n show off mentality
The guilty judging the guilty!
@jidesanwoolu pls sir look into this !

Actress Mercy Signed said,
"To err is human.... We're pleading on her behalf🙏🙏
Sending lots of love, lights especially at this period"

Actor Yomi Fabiyi said 
My prayers and concerns are with you Funke Akindele. I am particularly happy that you explained and apologised. “I have known you to be a very disciplined individual who pays attention to details, public association or authority instructions

 “Your passion and desire to help save lives during this COVID-19 pandemic was quite rapid and evident. Hopefully, no immediate risk detected. “I join millions of your fans to say sorry and appeal for leniency.

Social distancing is relatively new and most who violate never did it deliberately, aim to hurt others or intentionally disobey or trivialise the matter. 

“Funke don’t assume this will define you in its entirety, after your many years of meticulous uprightness and service to the entertainment world in Nigeria, hang in there, this too shall pass away. I am with you. 

“Maintain your apologies to the government and Nigerians, it should work at this crucial moment. Nigerians and the government appreciate humility and honesty. I care mate, Pele."

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