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Nigerians React As Funke Akindele, Hubby Throw Birthday Party Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic (VIDEO)


Nigerians have reacted to the viral video on social media where celebrities gathered to party at Abdul Rasheed Bello's birthday party Amidst coronavirus Pandemic and the social distancing order.

While some critized the situation, some are finding it difficult to believe the situation as Funke Akindele is an ambassador of NCDC, therefore claiming it's an old video.

Checkout some of the different reactions of Nigerians on social media.

See tweets below:

"Dear @NCDCgov your Ambassador Funke Akindele, Her Husband JJC, Eniola Badmus, Naira Marley & the Entire Family threw a packed House Party Ystd. I love Funke & have nothing against her but Everyone in that House should be Forcefully Quarantined. Pls treat as Urgent"

Those guys are scene one production members, they have been staying together before the lockdown....They live together!

"Woke up to the video of Funke Akindele’s house party and all I can say is we don’t value life in this country.
Govt is doing everything possible to curb this but as a celebrity and NCDC ambassador, you go on to put people’s life at risk?
Arrest everyone fgs!"

"See the Crowd at Funke Akindele’s Party with Naira Marley in attendance, Eniola Badmus and people who just barely returned from the UK
The height of irresponsibility!"
You know what comes next after this, don’t you?

"Isn’t same Funke Akindele that did advert for Dettol and NCDC concerning this Coronavirus pandemic?
How irresponsible can she and her husband be.... I think sense is far away from those we call our celebrities. 🀦‍♂️🀦‍♂️"

"Funke Akindele will come to social media, write long Shalaye notes, give boring excuses, beg for sympathy, and also promise to SuPpOrT NCDC iN fIgHtInG cOvId 19 wItH aLl HeR iNfLuEnCe".

"While you bash Funke Akindele, have in mind that the party was done in her house and attended by her neighbours observing the lockdown in Amen estate".

"Some of us said it was wrong to use Funke Akindele in that NCDC video, una say no, people look up to her, I hope you know the party she organized yesterday sent a message to those people who “look up to her” that Coronavirus is not that serious?"

"NCDC Ambassador
-Dettol Ambassador
-Did two awareness videos on social  distancing.
Yet, Funke Akindele Invited Eniola Badmus and Naira Marley who returned from the UK into her house, as if that wasn't enough, she threw a full house party.
This level of recklessness is insane!"

"It’s actually disappointing when we see educated people act like illiterates.
Imagine a NCDC ambassador who is aware of what’s right and still doing the opposite
Even if you don’t care about your own health, what about those that attended the party? Funke Akindele messed up mehn".

"Sydney pranked us he got away with it. If the government doesn’t arrest everyone that attended that Funke Akindele’s house party, Maybe everyone should just go back to their normal lives and let the virus kill all of us 🀷🏾‍♂️🀷🏾‍♂️🀷🏾‍♂️"

"Even if Funke Akindele and her husband doesn’t care about themselves, they should do it for their Twins. Their Survival depends on their parents using their heads.
I don’t even touch people in my house anymore, talk more of Strangers. Highly disappointing"

"It's gross irresponsibility for Funke Akindele, who should know better as an ambassador of the @NCDCgov, to throw a party in this delicate period. Practice what you preach ffs! What message are you passing to your followers? "Coronavirus is not that serious"?

"What Funke Akindele and the husband did was highly irresponsible, I expected both of them to know better. How can you organize a house party with so many people in attendance at this time when social distancing is very important. It’s disappointing really"

"An ambassador of GOOD HYGIENE hosted a party during this pandemic, invited Eniola who just arrived from UK to her home,& you still don't believe that some devilish spirits are controlling D Nigeria celebrities
Funke Akindele & everyone in Dat house party are all Stupid & Useless"

"Funke Akindele is a NCDC ambassador and she threw a party"
YES, Don't think of throwing a party too.
Let the stupidity end on her side,Be wise."

Watch Video here:

Meanwhile, Funke Akindele Bello replied all the attendees have been together for two weeks, adding that they are safe

She wrote
"Thanks for the love guys!!!! We all have been together for over two weeks. We are safe and take all precautions!!! #ameestate is home for all!!!"

Reactions to Her tweet, popular Twitter user @aproko_doctor wrote,

"Gatherings have all been BANNED.
The most unfortunate thing about some of you celebrities is the inability to simply admit your idiocy, apologise where you have gone wrong- but rather you come up with silly stories.
“We have been together for 2weeks” is a very shameless excuse"

"I hope you know that the number of people with the Coronavirus is higher than what you see. We are not testing enough people, efforts are being made to ramp testing up.

Some Nigerians have called for compulsory quarantine for all the attendees of the house party while some said the organizers should be arrested as it's a criminal offence to endanger the lifes of many.

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