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Coronavirus Pandemic: Kwara Exempts Registered Farmers, Journalists, And Others From Lockdown (Details)


Kwara State government has allowed farmers, who is registered with any farming associations, to go to their farms during the total lockdown in the state.

According to a statement released by the Spokesperson for the State Technical Committee on COVID-19, Rafiu Ajakaye, on Saturday, revealed the government also exempted journalists on duty from the lockdown.

Read full Statement here:

“The Kwara State Technical Committee on COVID-19 hereby permits such farmers to do their job unhindered during the lockdown to the extent that they can identify themselves as legitimate farmers. Even then, they are not expected to violate any of the safety protocols in the course of doing so.

“The committee urges all the enforcement agencies to please grant free passage to such farmers after identification. It is also to be noted that previous waivers to manufacturing firms are still valid on the condition that they maintain social distancing and scale down their operations. Petrol stations, banks, and hospitals are also exempted from the lockdown on the condition that all safety protocols are adhered to.

“Similarly, journalists are essential workers and should be given right of passage. Presentation of their workplace identity cards duly issued by their organisations shall be enough to let them move around to do their work unhindered. This privilege shall apply only to all the media houses operating in the state. While reporters are known to move in groups during developments like this, the committee urges them (reporters) to maintain social distancing and other safety protocols at this time.

“We want to emphasise that all health workers remain exempted from this lockdown. They should be granted free passage at all time once they present their workplace identity card.”

The statement said pharmaceutical stores are also exempted from the lockdown.

The committee, meanwhile, said it has so far received a total of N98,469, 880 donations from corporate organisations and private individuals in support of its COVID-19 exercise — many of which had earlier been acknowledged

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