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Trust: One Of The Most Controversial Topic In Relationships


Trust is a significant aspect of a flourishing relationship, but It’s a concept many people strive with, for a lot of diverse reasons.

What does it mean to trust?

For you to trust anyone, simply means that you have a lot of confidence in them, you feel they are trustworthy and your feelings are safe with them.
Trust isn't something one can build overnight, it's a choice you make over time, and it can't be forced on you.

In a relationship, it is when two people decide to trust each other after a while due to character, charisma, and intuition as the case may be.

For me, being in a relationship without trust is like being in hell. Trust should be an essential basis for any happy and lively relationship.


Oftentimes, people complicate their relationships with trust issues experienced in the past, which most of the time is infidelity.
Now, you having a certain mindset even before entering a relationship is very bad.

The truth is that there might be problems,  no doubt, there will be, as nobody when I say nobody, I mean stable and happy human beings will want to live with that word "insecurity"  you are always restless about.

I believe a relationship can’t be healthy without trust for numerous reasons.

If trust is lost in a relationship, you will never believe the other person, even about slight things like having lunch with a friend or going shopping.

This will lead to a lot of disagreements and sadness, which will begin to disconnect and break apart whatever you've had together.

You’ll at all times feel insecure, feel like the love isn't there anymore or you feel less appreciated.

When trust is lost in a relationship, you'll both be unhappy, irrespective of if it's just you or both parties having trust issues.

Here are some thoughts from those who joined the discussion about Trust in relationships......


For me, I believe it's bad to totally trust a partner in a relationship. The Bible even said that our trust should be in God alone...

Many have sent themselves to the grave just because they trusted their partners fully while in a relationship...Humans are prone to break promises, and humans are prone to make mistakes, so it is high time we understood this and stop trusting in a relationship.
I'm an open-minded person in my relationship, if one day, I hear that my partner cheats on me, I wouldn't think of committing suicide because I didn't overput my trust in him.

I'm not saying one shouldn't trust his or her partner, am only advocating for sense in the application of trust.. so, use sense in dealing with trust issues.


An easy way to build trust is to relate to your partner differently. Communicate more and be willing to be open with each other. Feeling insecure can lead to trust issues, so build your self-esteem and do things that you enjoy on your own. If you struggle to trust your partner due to past hurts, consider getting therapy and working through these problems.


Trust issues in a relationship are like having a Coronavirus in your world. The relationship is half-dead until drastic measures are taken.
Your man or woman should be trusted strongly if you want a peaceful affair. In a situation trust can't be established, it will be blissful for the parties to part.


If the person I go out with finds it difficult to trust me then I need to check myself...if I hide my calls, have too many id codes on my phone, or do things that raise his suspension I need to stop.

I'll answer my calls freely when he's around, let him have my password, and then pray to God to help him trust me.

Then check if he was betrayed before, or if he was raised in a toxic home, that will help me know how to relate with him, and finally remind him from time to time that he's all I have and I can not trade him for anything...
NB all these will backfire if the person saying all these is pretending or telling because one day the truth will unfold, so in all let sincerity be the watchword.


I hate it when the other party in a relationship doesn't trust the other...
As for me too... I can't go ahead with a relationship without trust...
I can never go ahead with such...

Though we are all humans, it doesn't matter, even though we won't allow that trust to get into our head as such because of heartbreak, but all I know is trust shouldn't be an issue in a relationship...
If there is I can't cope with it... I would rather work it out or opt out.


You see trust issues are the same thing as infidelity.
And where trust issues come in in a relationship is when a partner is acting very funny, either with money, cheating, or not telling the truth.
For some people it is hard,  while some can bear it, Some pray for the man, same goes for the woman.
There's more to it, but transparency solves it all.

I hope you find this useful, we'll talk about ways to build real trust in our subsequent publications.

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