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Checkout Nigerians Reactions To The Picture Of Buhari Released By The Presidency


The presidency on Thursday night released a photo of President Muhammadu Buhari working from home after his office in the presidential villa was fumigated.

This followed the reports going viral that the President and the Chief of staff are not in the country which prompted Nigerians’ call for the president to appear and address the nation over the state of his health.

Replying,  Bashir Ahmad, Personal Assistant to the President on New Media, shared the president's image on Twitter.

He wrote:
" The concorted audio message about President 
’s whereabouts should be totally disregarded. It is Fake News in its entirety. The President tonight at the State House, at work"

It should be noted that, Minutes after the presidency shared the pictures, Nigerians demanded that Buhari address them on the issue of coronavirus on a daily basis like President Trump and other world leaders but didn't get response from the Presidency

See tweets here:

"u see that news u call FAKE news, is more reliable than your sorry tweet of baseless explanations.
The Presidency keeps fooling d country & disrespecting citizens even in this crucial time when d citizens needs nothing but truth & compassion.

"he’ll still be at the office wearing the same clothes"

"I might not like Trump but don't ever, I repeat, don't ever call him Bubu's mate or even compare them. It's an insult... to Trump"

"Is not the president style to face the camera during emergency but he is an expert in facing the camera during electioneering camping".

"They probably think we are super stupid, or incredibly insane or something, why not release a video or a press release or something, a pic can be generated at anytime"

"They legit had to tell the person handling the account " oya fast fast tweet something" that he had to quickly login through his mobile to tweet this fake picture πŸ˜‚ twitter for IPhone which is not the usual tweet deck used in handling an account of this magnitude"

"At this point,am apologizing to Nigerian for my part in bringing this incompitent individual to power. Am so so so sorry,pls forgive me".

"Nigerian Government official handle looks more like a high school gossip bulletin. 
Those that live by propaganda shall die by propaganda. You're reaping what you sowed; deal with it. Nigeria has a ghost President, and Nature abhors a vacuum

See more tweets here;

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