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COVID-19 - 'Don't Expect Anything From The Church, You Gave Your Tithes To God Not Pastors' - Cleric


Brian Amoateng, Founder of Brian Jones Outreach Ministries, has critized Nigerians who expect assistance from the church as coronavirus pandemic continue to cripple the economy in most countries globally.

While replying to a call for big churches to to provide at least free hand sanitizers for its poor members, Pastor Amoateng revealed that it is not the responsibility of the church to provide anything but that of the government.

In his statement, he said the church is not responsible for giving back to the members in time of need even though they pay tithes and offertory.

He said, “If we don’t have money to pay rents, where are we going to get money to buy hand sanitizers?” he stated in a live Facebook streaming session.

Continuing, he added “And let me tell you, it’s not the responsibility of the church to but hand sanitizers for you because you give offering. It is not. You give offering to God to receive a blessing. It’s not compulsory that the church has to bring you hand sanitizers.”

Meanwhile, his assistant pastor was with him during the live streaming and he supported him saying,
“I believe that the government has to provide for its citizens. Also, hand sanitizers shouldn’t be politicised. You buy your own toothpaste and washing gel so you should buy your own hand sanitizer. What the church has done is to provide hand sanitizers at the premises.”

Pastor Brian concluded that,
“You give to God — not your pastor. You give to God to receive a blessing. And a blessing is something that you don’t see. It’s not physical — it’s an invisible force that’s comes upon your life to prosper…so stop thinking that the church has to bring you hand sanitizers.”

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