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It Changes Style When Its Summers


Its always challenging to select what to wear during summer.

Let's help you with five fashion styles in Summer

Consider Silk and cotton dress 

There are numerous complaints that silk is way too expensive for summer and probably requires extra care.

Cotton and silk are the most used  fabrics summer. It gives a soothing feeling, has an amazing  natural brightness

Undoubtedly, silk is kind of costly, but it's durable and  worth it.

Choose the right footwear

Summer most of the time leaves us with no choice than to get new pairs of footwears. Putting  on the nsturdy, heavy boots we use during winter can be irrational.
Try on some white sneakers during summer, it looks great and will definitely go with anything you throw at them.

If you aren't too cool with white, there are numerous summer colours to choose from.
Just like trousers, shoes easily absorb heat and might not be so good, you can opt for leather, especially for work, suedet can also be a good pick during summer.


You might really feel shorts are the best this season, but trousers are still still going to help aside you choose  a dark-coloured one. 

Choosing the right trousers are still cool and will also prevent one's skin from a scorching sunlight.
All you need to do is go  for light breathable ones that will allow the body take in air and let out.

Then,  trousers with a looser fit is also an important point to note, it allows air in, help with sweat and cool the body


Sunglasses  are extremely perfect way to save the face from the Ultraviolet rays, coverup blemishes, dark spots and wrinkles on the face.

It's a must-have in summer, aside protecting the eyes from  harmful rays, it complements your outfit and give a spicy look especially when you get  unique shape and colour.

I hope you find this helpful, kindly share with family and friends

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