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Surprising Ways To Deal With Disappointments In Life


If there is one certain thing in this life, it’s that you will be let down several times in one way or the other.

This can even start at a very tender age, you just imagine, it might be from your school teacher, parent, your friends and so many others.

You can experience disappointments as you're growing up in life, when someone you cherish and love betrays you, maybe you got fired by your boss or you got dumbed after so many years of commitment, you didn't get the contract despite your efforts and a host of others.

One thing to note is that disappointment is not meant to shatter us, if proper measures are put in place, it can rejuvenate us and make us more useful.

Irrespective of the desolating emotional consequences, we should consider it sometimes as a prep journey towards greater insight and achievements in life.

One thing is being let down and another is the way you handle the situation, the choice of brooding and wailing for a long time in such situation isn’t a good one.

You have to understand that it has happened, It’s in the past, there's nothing you can do about it, you can’t influence or change it.

It is normal to brood over things you should've, could've, would've done in a totally different manner, you will keep getting the replay of what actually transpired...... No matter what the disappointment may be, brooding over it for too long can be a disaster.

Do you know there are things you can do to relieve yourself of disappointment from a past event, and even seize the opportunity to make a better version of yourself?

Lets discuss how you can prepare yourself for disappointments, and get over it.

Modify your reliance, adjust your expectations.

So many people suffer heart aches from very trivial issues ....
You can ask yourself; is my expectation unrealistic? am I impatient.? Did I ask for too much?

I so much love this saying that, Expectation is the root of all heartaches. The quote pinpoints that when we experience disappointment, our hopes and expectations are out of line with the truth of life in one way or another.

Like some startups get frustrated and disappointed after a short while, fresh graduates get discouraged because of unemployment, some go to the extreme of taking their own lives after a break-up.

You should know that becoming good at something generally takes time, and this is something generally not depicted well in the books we read or the movies we watch, we get delusive about a whole lot of things which in turn leads to heart break and so much more.

If you modify your reliance on a particular thing or you adjust your expectation from a particular situation......
You will be disappointed but you won't be broken, you will be quick to redirect your energy and focus on positive solutions.

Be thankful

Your thoughts are, like seriously? How can I be thankful at a time like this? Yes, stop complaining about whatever it is that has happened and start thinking about all of the things going on well in your life.

You've only experienced a disappointment which is obviously not the end of the world. Why won't you be thankful for your health, your future, your supports(family or friends), infact you have so many things to be thankful for.

You can go ahead and make a list of all of the things you have to be thankful for, you'll realize that there is a lot more good in your life than bad.

Be grateful no matter what, you've got to stop focusing on the things you don't have, reflect on the ones you have and be grateful.

Avoid the blaming and comparison game

I've got a few friends guilty of this..... Okay, so maybe you ruined it all by yourself or maybe life is just throwing some shades at you.
Even if you did ruin it, give up the regret and look for a way forward and maybe you  don't have anything to do with the situation, it wasn't you fault, you no nothing about it but, you still face the consequences, then take a step back and understand that it's the world that is a little unfair right now, as you've done your very best.

 Don't waste your time on blaming yourself, your boss, don't waste your time on finding excuses when you should focus on getting forward.

You've got to do away with comparison that can destroy you, you're unique in your own way, get motivated by other's success story and stop giving us bullshits stories that won't help but shatter you.

If you compare what you have, what you’ve done and who you are to other people and their lives, then you’ll most often start to feel depressed and bad about yourself.

Honestly, there’s always going to be some people ahead of you so, choose another way instead. Start comparing yourself to yourself.......

See what you've achieved so far, challenges you’ve overcome. And focus on getting a better you.

Learn from the situation

Here you need to reevaluate the whole thing, reflect on lessons you can learn from your situation. Disappointment is an emotion you get when a strongly held expectation is not met.

So, Instead of getting carried away by the situation and negative emotions it brings, why not create value that’ll help you grow, you just have to accept that you need to make a bigger change in your life and start paying little or no attention to that person who has disappointed you too many times, making you feel like a disappointment no matter how hard you try.

You can try and get yourself to answer these questions:
How can I avoid a reoccurrence in the future?
What is the one thing I can do in another way the next time?

You just have to get out of your head, give yourself a better balance and think more clearly.

Be your own cheerleader, learn to be motivated to do all to overcome the situation and become a better person.


You've got to chill out and take some time to heal. Accept that no one gets through this life without experiencing disappointment.

It is never fun, whether you got the biggest shock of your life from your blood, maybe you got dumbed, yes dumbed, or you've missed a shot to boost your career or just anything, anything at all.

You can take some time to workout, listen to music, chill out with family and friends in your favorite spot, just do something that can make you relaxed and happy, whatever works for you is fun as long as you don't isolate yourself in the name licking your wounds.
You don't have to be bitter or hash with everyone, having them around you will make you feel a lot better.

I'm not disputing the fact that you should let your feelings out and accept that you're in a bitter state. That notwithstanding, wallowing in self-pity shouldn't be a long-term thing, the sooner you start thinking positively, the sooner you get yourself together the  quicker you'll be able to overcome the situation.


It's perfectly natural to feel incredibly upset and pained, you don't have to shy away from it, accept your pain.
Don't be ashamed to cry or express your feelings, I'm not saying you should do so in public. Yes, letting out your feelings are helpful than suppressing them but you have to be wise about it.
Avoid taking hasty decisions you will have to regret later...

So, instead of taking decisions you will have to regret in future, why not start again.... there's this saying that when there's life, there's hope. So, you'll have to set a goal of something you can accomplish and move confidently in the direction of it.

Think of ways to do better next time, there are many programs, seminars, books, and other resources available to do better next time. Another good thing is that, you've been there before, you have the experience to know what to expect next time which means have many chances to shine.

Draw a new plan to get to that dream career, to find that perfect man of your dream. Get your life back in a new dimension by following your dreams and making yourself happy.

Believe in yourself

Let this word "I'm not a disappointment" continue to linger in your head. Life is definitely going to shake you and even throw you more disappointments, just believe you are the best version of yourself.

Everyone who is now successful and you may want to look up to have had his or her share of disappointments and failures at some point in life. If you believe, you will agree with me that disappointments sometimes is a natural sign of you trying to grow and improve your situation to become a better person in life.

Accept that disappointment happens to everyone, and yours isn't the first and definitely not the last. No one gets through this life without disappointment; just that some are bigger than others, but everyone experiences it.

So, don't be shattered, don't loose your strength, don't loose your life, make sure you stay strong no matter what.

Although disappointment is inevitable, being discouraged is always a choice.... I hope you find this helpful. Kindly like, share with us your own solution and share with family and friends.

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