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Gratitude Chronicles: Navigate 2024 With Timeless Wisdom And Shared Life Lessons


Today marks the end of an incredible milestone, 365 days of introspection, appreciation, and growth. 

This is to remind us all that we are not alone in our joys or challenges, every single soul on earth has one or two to talk about, please, don't be too hard on yourself in 2024. 

So, as we step into the unwritten chapters of tomorrow, may the echoes of shared gratitude resonate in our hearts, encouraging us to find joy in the ordinary and strength in the extraordinary.

Join me as we delve into the heart of this chronicle, exploring the power of gratitude, life lessons, and the magic that happens when a community comes together to express and celebrate life's moments.

This is not just a blog post; it's an invitation to read beautiful stories and create shared joy, resilience, and inspiration. 

So, dear reader, buckle up for an extraordinary adventure, do ensure you read till the end, it's a collective journey where your story becomes a part of a vibrant celebration.

Ayodele Oshoma Anvils

In the last 7 years of my life, The year 2023 was my best year. It gave me my best online income like never before. It was also the year I started my dream outreach ministry Jesus and Friends outreach ministry international single and married conference. I also made a little profit from the business. So in all, I will say 2023 was a great improvement for me and my family. And one of the things that gave me the lift was my hunger for success. Though it came with a great price. My house got burnt this year, I was kidnapped this year, my son was almost kidnapped this year, I fell seriously ill this year that I almost died and finally, I had serious skin irritation that I never had before. 

So you can see that winning this year also came with a lot of downpressure. My advice to whoever cares to listen is that the year 2024, is the year you can't afford any mistakes. Especially investments, marriage, and choice of location. These 3 things will determine how you fare next year. My resolution is not to do anything except seek God's face. 

Mr Adeoye

Hmmmm. 2023. 

I became a father this year and it literally changed me. From the first day, I held her to those sleepless nights to when she'd cry for no reason to when she started sitting, crawling, standing, and now that she can relate to what we do as adults. She sees you do something, she'll try it the next time. Brushing, combing, washing, using handkerchief, using cream on the body. Literally everything she sees either of her parents do, she wants to try it herself. Those late nights coming back and seeing her crawl in excitement towards me or the days she's asleep already and I'd go in to kiss her forehead and she will move a bit like she knew I did it. It's been a blessing. And I'm grateful.

I also changed jobs and now need to wake by and leave home by 5 am. I've joined the mainland to Island gang.

It's been a year of hustle. A year full of responsibility on two other humans. I'm grateful for the gifts of them and also grateful for the lessons and growth that comes with the year. In 2024, we fly.


The gift I'm most thankful for this year is clarity. I've never been more clear about where I want to be and who I want to be surrounded by. I am grateful to friends/colleagues who didn't leave my side and held me close when my world was falling apart and also I learned to choose people who chose you.

Forgiving myself for all my fuck ups, for the times I gave up and the times I didn't, and also count my small wins: for making it through the hard days in 2023.

If there's anything to leave behind in 2023, it’s "people pleasing and ungrateful, entitled people". By doing this, you will feel the weight fall off your shoulders.

Lastly am grateful to God for life, job, good health, and self-love. 

Dear 2023 Thank you for all the lessons ❤️


Throughout this year, I have navigated challenges and embraced situations that demanded patience. In these moments, I have learned to be calm within,  because you cannot stop a problem you didn't start, but you can only do your part and leave the rest. This has fostered personal and emotional growth.


Reflecting on the year 2023, the best thing that happened to me was my decision to relocate in the year 2022.

It has been a blessing all around in 2023. Despite making this trip without having any properties worth even 100k to sell, I thanked God for the gift of people. Friends, family, and customers in my life, came around and supported me.

 This year, I became a blessing to almost everyone I came in contact with,from helping with getting a job, to assisting friends that wanted to relocate to assisting people financially. 

Traveling out was a blessing not only for my immediate family but also for extended family members and friends.

In 2024, if you have the means, consider relocating."

Lady Akhokia
Count your blessings name them one by one.....

Indeed the year 2023 has been an eventful year for me. Full of ups and downs. I lost so many loved ones and this made me reflect on the goodness of God in my life and that of my family. I looked back from January to this present moment and can't overemphasize the faithfulness of God because he said that for his children there shall be a lifting up even when others are crying there is a casting down. He has done so much for me that I cannot enumerate here. Above all, he has kept me alive to witness today. 

To as many as feel down and maybe losing hope I want to use my own story to encourage you to keep trusting in him because his plans for you will manifest and your pain shall become great and inspiring testimonies unto other


So, we are actually into Real Estate and Inspection has been quite a challenge for myself and the team. The big break came when one of our partner companies decided to reward our efforts by giving us an Inspection Vehicle as an Incentive...

The whole team jumped to the podium with joy to receive the award. Definitely a great way to end the year.

So one thing I would like to say is, that having a 'never giving up' mentality will help you go far in life. Cos, imagine if I gave up on the team because of a lack of results at the beginning of the year

Have a blessed new year


2023!!! What a great year, it is a year I will never forget. 

In 2023, I embarked on a transformative journey, transitioning from a seasoned photographer to a tech-savvy UX designer. Throughout the year, I delved into five major projects, with two already live and three in various stages of development.

The shift in my career was marked by a seamless integration of my creative background into the tech realm. I successfully navigated the intricacies of UX design, bringing a unique perspective to each project. The two live projects stand as testaments to my adaptability and proficiency in this new role.

Collaboration played a pivotal role in my success. Working hand-in-hand with business analysts, I ensured a deep understanding of user needs and market demands. This synergy laid the foundation for designs that not only captivated aesthetically but also resonated with the target audience.

In tandem with developers, I forged effective partnerships, fostering an environment where design seamlessly translated into functional, user-centric interfaces. This collaborative spirit propelled projects forward, with each team member contributing their expertise to the collective success.

As the year concludes, the three projects in development are poised for impactful launches, promising to further elevate my reputation as a versatile UX designer. This journey exemplifies the power of adapting skills across domains and underscores the importance of collaboration in achieving holistic success in the tech industry.

Isiani Osita

Well, I started the year with high hopes to achieve a lot of drama this year.

Among them was the dream to become a social media influencer.

I dreamt of other bigger dreams also, however, I didn't become a huge social media influencer anyway but social media influenced my business positively.

Brief intro into my line of business. I founded Govides Enterprise, an agricultural company based in Enugu State Nigeria in June 2019. I started the business as an undergraduate. I didn't have a lot of capital. Because I was determined, I went to an affiliate program with people in my line of business. You can call it a partnership. I advertise their products, sell and take my share of profits.

I did this for about one year before I then ventured into the business fully as an independent business. In 2020, I was partially out of business due to issues associated with the dreaded COVID-19. It affected my business until 2022 when I bounced back fully.

This is to say that, no matter what happens to you, you will win if you don't give up 

In February 2023, I met a mentor and a business partner through social media. This mentor, who never met me once in real life, took me by the hands and has transformed my business thinking faculty to work better.

In 2023, my business did better than the previous years as we expanded to more states across Nigeria. And it promises to do better even in the coming years.

If you must succeed in 2024,

1.  Take social media seriously.

2. Get yourself a mentor.

3. Start with what you have because what you have is enough.

4. Don't give room to excuses.

5. Invest in profitable knowledge. Pay for courses. Go for seminars. Get some books to read, and read them.

Mrs Ayodeji

Grace! Grace!Grace!!

Am being thankful for grace amidst all

Yes, I  might not be there yet but am thankful for the grace

My mother, leaving this country to travel  abroad was the icing on the cake

Abroad ke...Olayinka actually traveled to the glory of God......Grace 

From my office, three of us went for promotion exams .......I was among the two that passed was grace that spoke for mates are on the higher levels but I thank God for where I am today.......Grace.......

My home is blessed with lots of beautiful testimonies this year...yes even though we didn't achieve all we planned ....... Allihamdulilahi for the ones we achieved ......some couldn't even achieve any....Grace is still at work all I bless God for Grace and I pray that his Grace be sufficient for me and my entire household.......

In all we do...let's keep our hopes times, things may not work as planned but there's always a way out and a better option.....don't be too sad not to see how God has blessed you...he might not do that which you want but he's definitely replacing it with something better......let's keep our hope alive and believe in the God we serve to set our pace right .....


I’m thanking God for clarity and for keeping me to this day; this year has been a mind-opening year. I have never been this serious about life, not until I realized how time runs and that knowing the dreams I have requires intense effort in whatever craft I want to do. I have always been relaxed, thinking life will sort things out for me, but one important thing I realised this year was, Nick, you got to set clear goals and focus. Today, I have started my own business, hoping God will bring me big partners and business colleagues in the coming years. All I can say is thank you, 2023, for the clarity and the burning passion to succeed.

Samson Oluwapile

2023 is the year I made some listed desires and wishes. In 2022 I was battling with so much indiscipline in my finances, goal setting and emotions, and relationship with humans, where I always wanted to avoid people with whom we don’t share the same nature.

But here in 2023. However, it started with me trying to solve all these problems at once. But thanks to God I was able to calm down.

1. Goal setting. I wanted another source of income than my salary, so I invested in a  gadgets business. Tho after investing, I left. It was to deal with other things (seems like procrastination right ), I gave myself time when I would come back to the investment which I did and it’s doing well now. I wanted to do an IT course and I took cybersecurity which I’m still running now.

2. I started saving very well, of course, every credit alert in my account. Before it stays 30 minutes. I have removed a substantial amount for savings and investments in the business and I keep some for myself, family, and friends. (Any money I can’t give myself then I can’t give anyone. Since I like to give. Even if I have any money in a savings account, I won’t take it for myself, or anyone, we will all share a designated profit. Because PROBLEM NO DEY FINISH.

3. I end up accepting people for who they are. I don’t impose my nature on people or put my nature as judgment for the way others should act. I focus on what brings us together. And I don’t allow myself to be a victim of your weakness. So I have more friends. I look up to the best of them. When I leave them to seek for solution to their weakness if they actually see it as one, ME SELF I GET MY OWN FOR BODY. There is always a good part of everyone. I observe you and keep you at a point where the only thing you can give me is the best. If you are good as a colleague, I keep you there but not as friends. If you are good as friends alone, I won’t make the mistake of keeping you a business partner. But I will give you good support as a friend in your business.

4. For my emotions. I told myself No one will be a reason why I will sleep unhappy. I don’t overthink anything. If it’s stressing me I deal with it and move on immediately. If ranting a bit will calm me, I don’t find it wrong I do that and have peace, if keeping quiet will help, I do that and have peace. I PLACED PRIORITY ON HEART AND SANITY, without overlooking conscience and fear of God and humanity.


I'm grateful for the family God has given me, particularly my mother. What wouldn't that woman do for me? I couldn't have wished for a better mother.

I'm grateful for myself because sometimes I'm amazed at my resilience and persistence. I'd cry and pick myself back up and move ahead like all is well in the world. And all this is coz my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness

I'm grateful for the gift of amazing friends. My circle got even smaller this year, and an ambivert like me couldn't be more grateful. Here's to many more testimonies in the coming year 🥂


There is so much that is going on in the life of an average human being, to laugh about, so much to groan and moan about, so many accomplishments to celebrate, and many a time, so much to wail and cry about. But, in all of these, we must remain resolute and be thankful for life and quality health endowed to us by the omnipotent. The year 2023 just like the preceding ones, has so much for me, the good, the bad, and the ugly but I often see the glass of water half filled and half empty, so I will rather count my blessings.

I am very grateful to God for quality health for me and my family, I was never knocked down by any serious ailments nor were my wife or children, in fact, none of my children visited the hospital for anything in the year 2023, any small issues, we were able to treat them and did not require so much, no admissions at all. I have visited the hospital for checkups and not because I was knocked down by an ailment. So, I can say the lord has been very merciful on that ground hence the readiness for me to share my joy, happiness, and thanks to God for sparing our lives and for gifting us quality health in my household. So on that note, I will say, the year 2023 was a good one for me and my family. Thank you.

I'm indeed grateful for 2023, I entered the year with hope and faith.


It was a year of learning, relearning, and unlearning.

Here are a few of the things I learned this year;

First, have a plan for yourself, and chase it, what is paramount is that whatever you put your mind to do, you will definitely achieve it.

Second is the fact that you need people to survive, instead of cutting people off, put them at arm's length so they can be of help at any time. Networking is very important.

These have really helped me this year and I hope to have a greater year in 2024..

For everyone that has been there for me at any point in time. God bless you all and see you all in 2024.

My 2023 Highlight:


2023 has been a year of immense gratitude, full of stress and accomplishment, all made possible by the grace of God. My journey began with early preparations in October 2022, culminating in significant achievements throughout the year. 

In January, I was honoured to be selected among the top 40 writers and researchers for the GOTNI Leadership Centre Leadership Masterclass scholarship. 

Subsequently, I became one of the five fellows chosen for the Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative in Ekiti, concurrently taking on the role of YALI Network Ekiti Programme Officer, revitalising the YALI network in the state.

Joining the Community of Tech Builders in Ekiti proved to be an enriching experience, opening new avenues for growth. The highlight of my year was attending the One Young World Summit via Volunteer Now & Volunteer Now Enterprises in Northern Ireland, which offered valuable perspectives.

Being recognised as a ForbesBLK Community Member and winning the prestigious Chevening Awards Scholarship from the UK in Nigeria marked transformative moments. This scholarship propelled me to the University of Sussex, where I was elected as the International Representative and Union Councillor.

In a leadership capacity, I proudly served as the Executive Director of Slum and Rural Aid for African Child Development Initiative (SARAFACDi), overseeing four impactful projects that positively impacted the lives of over 5000 young minds across Nigeria. 

Reflecting on these achievements, I am profoundly grateful for the divine intervention that guided my journey. As the year concludes, I encourage others to start planning for 2024; it's never too late to embark on a new chapter. See you in the future!


Life has a funny way of teaching us that no matter how hard we try, we can't please everyone. In 2023, I understood this better, pleasing oneself should be a priority, and whenever someone shows you their true colours, believe them, actions are reflections of character. 

Indeed, I set a lot of goals I didn't achieve in 2023, but guess what, I learned that, the secret to progress isn't about achieving goals alone; it's about removing what isn't necessary. It's about understanding what you want, why you want it, and then having the courage to eliminate everything else. 

I'm grateful to God that, I've grown in strength, and emotions and I'm thankful for the gift of life, family, and friends and particularly the lessons, blessings, and growth that came with 2023.


Started 2023 on a low, and just resumed school coming from an 8-month strike — a strike where most of my colleagues were working as locum pharmacists and making money and I was learning shoemaking, I couldn't complete my apprenticeship because the strike ended abruptly. I resumed back to school with the student in me already dead. I am supposed to have graduated in 2022 but ASUU says NO. I resumed back to pharmacy school with no sense of direction, I resumed broke, and I resumed clueless. I resumed meeting pending carry-over courses which I decided I wasn't going to do because I didn't feel mentally strong enough to handle so many courses including my carry-overs. I was threading through school on vibes. Ended the semester with no direction still, still clueless and still broke.

Then the news of the school fees increase broke — x10 the previous fee. My younger brother and sister just also got admitted. How am I going to do it? it's my final year FFS, I couldn't break it, it wasn't going to solve the issue facing me. I'm from an average home and I've been sponsoring myself before the increase. x10 increase is a lot for me to handle. The Holidays were when my perspective about my course of study and life in general would change. I was working in a hospital pharmacy unit as an I.T. student. I wasn't getting paid off, it was for the experience. Our Boss in the pharmacy Unit is an amazing woman, she made it her obligation to make sure we learned everything within the scope of the hospital, and she also mentored us about life in general. I attended several seminars where I met some personalities very well accomplished In my field of study. I engaged them and got to see their view. I implemented some of what I learned from them in my school and personal life and a lot of things are more in order. I have better directions and my growth has been immense all in the past 3 months. My growth focused on strengthening my relationships and bonds and also strengthening my good habits. My school fees of almost 300k have been settled all by myself — I'm still broke though. But I've found direction, I've found myself and I'm going into 24' stronger than ever.

My heart is filled with immense gratitude for each soul who shared their moments, lessons, and experiences in 2023. Your stories have transformed this space into a vibrant spot of shared experiences, creating a legacy of inspiration for those who follow. I want to extend a sincere thank you for your willingness to open up and this has not only enriched this community but has also touched the lives of those who read your words.

As I conclude this post, remember that the journey of gratitude doesn't end here; it's a continuous exploration that evolves with every shared experience. Let this be an encouragement to carry the spirit of gratitude forward.

Don't forget,

√ Not everyone will be pleased and that's okay

√ Recognise your resilience 

√ Actions Speak Louder

√ Courage Over Affirmation

√ Change Is Always Possible

√ Adopt the Art of Subtraction

√ Pay close attention to your Instincts

√ Networking is great 

√ Embrace your uniqueness and let your genuine self shine. 

√ You Are Your Own Hero

Thank you for being a part of this beautiful journey. Your stories have made the 'Gratitude Chronicles a true celebration of community, resilience, and the boundless power of gratitude.

Have a great New Year, I wish you continued moments of gratitude and a life filled with extraordinary celebration. 


Cheers to 2024 🥂🥂

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