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Getting a fully-funded scholarship to any international university is not a walk in the park and this also applies to universities in Canada. Most times a lot of people complain about how they were not successful in getting any scholarships after making a good number of applications. These people make these complaints without knowing that they usually go about looking for and applying for these scholarships the wrong way.

This article is going to expose you to some unpopular ways, trips, and information that will guarantee a high success rate in a fully-funded scholarship to Canada with little stress or no stress.  We will be covering  How To Find Schools That Offer Scholarships To International Students In Canada

How To Find Schools That Offer Scholarships To International Students In Canada

Here are the steps that will help you find the schools that offer a fully funded scholarship to international students:

1. Don’t search for schools in popular States:

One of the mistakes that people go about is looking for popular schools in Canada after filling out different applications, they will end up getting rejected. Here are some of the universities that have a high acceptance rate and offers scholarship to international students:

  1.  Simon Fraser University -Scholarships in this university are facilitated by Sfu Canada Graduate And Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships
  2. Eastern Illinois University – international students can get a scholarship here through Eiu Scholarships
  3. University of Ottawa – students can get scholarships here through uOttawa Scholarships
  4. Thompson Rivers University – Alvin & Lydia Grunert Entrance Scholarship
  5. Concordia University –  international students can get a scholarship here through Concordia University Entrance Scholarship
  6. 2. Go for lesser Known States:

    One of the best ways to find a school that offers international students fully funded scholarships is by searching for lesser-known states. For instance, British Columbia is one of the lesser-known states in Canada while Ottawa is more known. The lesser-known states in Canada have a higher acceptance rate and

    Check Their Admission Requirements:

    Sometimes the admission requirements of some schools can make you not have success in your scholarship application. Check if they require a GRE (graduate record examination) and any other thing which may be necessary.

    4. Check their Acceptance rate:

    If a school acceptance rate is below 70% then it is not advisable to apply for a scholarship there.

    5. Check their scholarship options:

    The more a school has a scholarship option the better your chance of finding a fully-funded scholarship there.

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    Here are some of the ways you can find international organizations that offer scholarships and how you can apply:

    1. Look For Them Through School websites:

    One of the best ways to find organizations that can give you a fully-funded scholarship in Canada is to go to lesser-known schools and find the organization giving out scholarships there. Organizations in this place don’t have much competition in terms

    the number of students who apply.

    2. Exhaust all search options:

    Many people are looking for scholarships every day and making use of the normal way of searching for those scholarship organizations will only make your chances of getting them lower. Look for these organizations in places people might not go such as by asking country’s embassies and deep searching on different search engines.

    3. Search using your field of interest:

    Another proven method of finding international organizations that can give you a Canadian Scholarship is by searching for them sunning your field of interest. For instance, if you want to study economics in Canada, you search for

    you search for organizations that offer fully funded scholarships in economics exclusively.

      These are steps to take to apply for a Canadian Scholarship:

      • Check the requirements:

      Check the requirements and criteria to determine if you are eligible for the scholarship. If you are not eligible, leave that scholarship and apply for another instead of wasting time.

      • Provide all necessary documents:

      Provide all the documents that the scholarship organization needs from you such as test score, recommendation 

      recommendation letter, passport, and other things.

      • Don’t provide less or more information than you were asked of:

      Most people think that by providing additional information other than the one that was required that they will have more chance of getting a scholarship. The reverse is the case as it can

      disqualify you from the scholarship scheme.

      List of some international organizations that offer scholarships in Canada to international students:

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