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BBNaija Season 7: Love Ship Loading As Sheggz Express Feelings For [Details]



For the past six seasons, the primary content for Big Brother Naija housemates is mostly centered on relationships, both romantic and platonic.

BBN has become a tool for many to find their life partner just like Bambam and Teddy, Khafi and Gedoni.

It might just be less than 72 hours into the house, but Level Up housemates seem to have found their love interest.

From Groovy and Beauty to Sheggz and Bella, these two ships seem to be sailing smoothly

Sheggz and Bella got some time together where they spoke deeply about their relationship.

Sheggz stated that he wouldn’t be following his predecessor, Ozo by running after her.

Recall that during the ‘Lockdown ‘ season, Ozo earned backlash over his clingy love for Nengi.

The male reality stars went all and beyond for his woman, who never reciprocated his love.

While Ozo did all he could to have Nengi as a lover, Nengi rather chose to remain friends with no strings attached.

Ozo and Nengi had a lot of cute moments, from their shared meals to their breakfast in bed, and late-night conversations. Every time Ozo and Nengi shared the screen was unforgettable.

Ozo even went as far as writing a love note to her where he expressed his feelings.

Using a lipstick to write in serviett, he stated, “I know I love you because none other has made me feel this way. You are a blessing and a kind person. I can watch you for a lifetime. You are my favorite movie”.

Ozo wasn’t afraid to act like a fool to get the woman he loved.

Fast forward to the present, Sheggz vowed never to be like him.

He said,
” I’m not going to be like ex-HM (Ozo) chasing a woman up and down”.

However, Bella wasn’t happy with his statement as she made it clear to him that he has to work hard to get her.

“If you want me you have to work hard for it”.

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