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Wahala: Burna Boy’s Men Allegedly Wanted[Check out the full details]


News making rounds on social media is that some security of Burna Boy is wanted for shooting 2 people at Cubana Club in Lagos last night after scrapping the head of one.

According to a post by blogger cutie julls, Burna Boy’s security was reported to have shot 2 people at Cubana Club in Lagos last night and per what an eyewitness said, they scrapped the head of one victim before shooting him.

Per the report, the police have been to the scene of the incident to investigate and are currently looking for Burna Boy’s boys who did that to innocent people who went to the club to have fun a bit but ended up being shot.

It appears Burna Boy’s boys are very vawulent as this isn’t the first time they’re being accused of attacking people and this time around they went as far as shooting people with the aim of injuring them probably so they fear them.

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