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BBNaija Reunion🔥🔥: Cross exposes what happened between him and Saskay😲[Details]


Unfortunately, since the show wrapped, the JayPaul, Saskay and Cross dynamics has suffered irrevocable setbacks that’s ruined any chance of remaining friends.

In case you missed the show, check out the highlights :

JayPaul accuses Saskay of unrequited love

Fresh out of the game, JayPaul launched a heartfelt campaign in support of Saskay. Sadly, when her time on the show ended, she made an infamous comment in the lines of not knowing who he was.

JayPaul also cited instances where he repeatedly made moves to maintain a healthy friendship with her but she was hellbent on denying him “more times than Judas denied Jesus Christ.”

JayPaul the liar who needs to do better- Saskay

Saskay had a few choice words for JayPaul including accusing him of being untruthful and having high expectations from a relationship that they never labelled.

How a voice note crashed the CrossKay ship

When Cross finally had the floor to address his grouse, he narrated how a midnight visit to Saskay on her invitation was capitalised on by her fans and how they (fans) sparked rumours of them sharing sexual relations.

The housemate, in his flippant and hilarious tone revealed that the viral voice note where he made comments about Saskay and her fan base was influenced by the rumours he believed to have come from her camp.

Cross also made interesting revelations in the new episode including how he turned down N20 million offered by their CrossKay fan base as well as endorsement deals and other juicy gifts.

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