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Ladies you don't want to miss out on these makeup looks for different events



Great and classy makeup looks for your evening or formal events…

One issue you may face while attending A-list parties is deciding what makeup to wear.

Unlike work and daily makeup, formal and evening makeup has a certain panache and flair about it. Unless you intend to go overboard with your eye makeup, this is not the time to go for a simple foundation and winged liner look.

If paying a cosmetic professional for your next formal event is out of the question, you may always do it yourself.

Do you require assistance? For your next A-list occasion, try one of these five stunning makeup ideas.

  • Smokey Eyes

At any formal function, the idea is to allow your eyes to do all of the talking. Without the trademark smokey eyes, no A-list event is complete.

They are not only classy and elegant, but they also offer a much-needed touch of sexiness to your overall image. If black smokey eyes aren’t your style, try brown ones or experiment with different colours.

Priming your eyes will help you achieve this iconic red-carpet appearance. Next, build up the smokey appearance by applying eyeshadow to your lids. Finish with some winged eyeliner to define your eyes and a setting spray to keep everything in place. You’re all set to be the show’s star.

  • The traditional red lips

Red lips are always the best choice for the red carpet. Adding some zing to your makeup focuses all eyes on your face and on your lips, ensuring that everyone can hear what you’re saying.

To achieve this look, use a lip liner in the same or a slightly similar shade to outline your lips before applying your lipstick.

Lip colours do not always have to be red; some orange and light pinked tints would work well. Finish with some shine to slam your way into elegance.

  • Jewels for the face

Face gems are arrived and are here to stay. If you prefer a more subdued look, add some rhinestones around your eyes to complete the effect.

Put some rhinestones on your eyelids, the corners of your eyes, or just on your lash line. Use lash adhesive to keep these diamonds in place, and you’re done.

  • Glitters

Nothing says “look at me!” like glitter eyeshadows. Glittered eyes, like smoky eyes, have found their way to formal events and have remained there since time immemorial. The good news is that glitter eyeshadows are now available in a variety of colours, so you won’t have to worry about finding the correct one.

To get glittering eyes, begin by priming your eyes with a primer to keep your eye makeup in place. For greater precision, apply your glitter eyeshadow with your fingers or a brush.

  • Soft, dewy appearances

Soft dewy beauty trends have also made an appearance in formal makeup looks. If you want all eyes to be on your clothes or if you want to wear little to no makeup, this is the style for you.

The trick is to get a glass-like effect that appears natural. To pull this off, you’ll need a strong foundation, the correct face primer, concealer, highlighter, and powder.

How to wear makeup to different events

Some occasions necessitate discretion and even naked skin, while others necessitate many coats of foundation and all the glitter you can find. However, these are simply two extremes on a very broad range of makeup looks to try. Nude makeup is sometimes too dreary, yet wearing heavy makeup would make you look like you tried too hard. To correct this, simply adapt your makeup abilities to a larger range of events!

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