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TUC Rejects FG's 6% Stamp Duty On House Rent, Says Other Countries Are Still Giving Citizens Palliatives


The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria, TUC has kicked against the recent move by the Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS to impose 6% of stamp duty on all tenancy and lease agreements.

In a statement jointly signed by the TUC’s President, Quadri Olaleye, and the Secretary-General, Musa-Lawal, the union viewed the move as “another ploy to further impoverish Nigerians.”


“Sometimes, we wonder if there is any milk of kindness left in our leadership.

“Should enforcement of stamp duty on house rent and Certificate of Occupancy be on the priority list of the FIRS at a time the country is experiencing a housing deficit and millions of Nigerians have lost their jobs?

We are calling on the federal government to immediately order the FIRS to stay action if it does not want to incur the wrath of workers and Nigerians"

There are many bills Nigerians pay without enjoying commensurate services. Already, tenants pay rent, agreement, caution, maintenance, LAWMA, Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), security, among others, and if they again add 6 percent charge on rent, it makes nonsense of the new minimum wage which many states are not even paying.

 “We read that Ghanaians will not be paying for power throughout this year. Why is our case always different? Why increase our burden now?”

How do we feed our families and pay school fees? The country needs money, no doubt, but do you cut the nose to spite your face?”

TUC further said there are countries still giving out palliatives to suppress the effect of the coronavirus pandemic, adding that some of the countries, apart from giving out palliatives, also took responsibility of the utility bills like power, water, data among others.

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