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Here's How To Stay Motivated With This Powerful Words "THE BEGINNING OF THE END"


You can go over the topic again “the beginning of the end". 

It has become our culture to always say this is the end when we come to the conclusion of any activity but we have never seen it the other way round that the end of a targeted segment of our life is always the gate to another beginning.

Until we start seeing situation this way we might always be frustrated. Our mind must be set right to know that there is always a beginning to that end!

Some will say “this is the end of my life" No! How can it be, it’s only the end of that activity or that situation and this is an entrance to a new beginning.

Now, to any of my reader out there facing one thing or the other, hope you have shut the door [your heart] against that voice telling you, " the end comes now, you can’t succeed " because of the current challenge/situation you are facing or about to encounter?

Why don’t you reply that voice, "This is just the beginning of the end, you (that situation) will surely come to an end and not my life, therefore I will patiently wait for the new phase that is about to be opened! Because after every end we have a new beginning!”

The end of anything is always a beginning to glamorous and great journey. It only comes true when you know it and accept it.

Talk it! Think it! And prepare for the wonderful new beginning of that end.

Kindly share to encourage him/her/them, that’s the best you can do for anyone.

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