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LOVE: Effective Ways To Build And Maintain A Relationship

Tips to building solid friendship.

From personal observation have discovered that any solid friendship possesses the characters listed in this article.

I want you to patiently go through these unavoidable list that builds a successful relationship. 

As you are about to go through this, be ready to see why that relationship is not working or why you can’t keep a relationship for a long time, hmm, okay lets go through this list together. 

Okay, even as a wife you have discovered the sudden change between you and your spouse then you have to check the foundation of your relationship which is friendship. Please take your time to analyze what you are about to read now.

Straight to the point:

These are factors that both parties must possess to inherit a solid friendship and in turn to a successful relationship. Please don’t do quickly to do away with these factor because you have heard them countless of time because their meaning in term of building a successful relationship.                                                                                   Sincerity/Openness

Over the year my experience made me to know that in openness strength lies. This strength is needed to strengthen and build your relationship. 

I term sincerity in a relationship to be the acknowledgement of both partner, in the view that they needed to be helped by their partner and also, to serve as help to their partner.

Do you get that? Simple!


I say personal faithfulness in a relationship gives birth to solid and strong trust. 

Listen, your personal loyalty in that relationship determines how far the relationship is meant to be because this determines the quality of your friendship. If both party will accommodate personal loyalty it will cause a solid friendship needed for good/successful relationship.


The opposite of this key-selfishness has been a serious cankerworm that eats up every well-meaning relationship.

Take your time to examine yourself on this. If you have come to notice that in everything concerning the relationship you have always want to be the one that wanted to be noticed or considered first or to be firstly attended to, dear friend, adjust so as to have a robust relationship. 

If two or more persons can work toward this key and considered their partner first then the ‘solid foundation is being planted already and it will surely germinate’. 

A healthy relationship doesn’t give room for parasitic partnership, it’s always mutual. The slogan is “if he grows, I grow and vice versa”.


This simply means making your time, energy, resources and attention available when really needed by your partner [friend, fiancée, fiancé, mother, father and relatives etc.]. The above definition of communication is needed by your partner because this help to build a solid friendship. 

It communicates your faithfulness, selflessness and your sincerity in turn this paint your lovely unseen intent to your partner.

Listen! “Anything you value gets your attention, time, energy and resources”. So, human being check this to know how valuable they are to you.

Please, kindly examine yourself through this powerful keys/ingredients to building solid foundation of friendship and to maintain your relationships.


Let’s trash this out in RELATIONSHIP WISDOM 4…

When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable”.

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