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To me friendship is a period in a relationship whereby the future and nature of the relationship is determined meanwhile, this period is meant to be FOREVER

but the starting point of the "forever" determines the FOREVER (logical? go through it again you will gain understanding).

Its heart troubling how young people skip or jump without considering the foundation of friendship effects, during the process of building their relationship - wait, do you just read that? Pardon me, no relationship can be built accurately ignoring the foundation of friendship.

Okay, I will relate friendship in every relation as a foundation to any building/structure and we all know that foundation determines the kind of building that will be laid on it. So, if you want a quality relationship take your time to build the foundation of friendship.

Friendship is define as a mutual relationship where by both party are interested in the growth of one another without any selfish interest in mind.

Over time, have discovered that the so called fun (outing, giving, e.t.c) in any relationship will not make a solid foundation of friendship if the definition of friendship is not in place initially.

Am I saying you shouldn’t have some excitement time together as friend? NO! Am only saying, set your priority right.

I hear one of my reader asking, what are the ingredients needed to build this solid foundation of friendship and i want you to know that without these ingredients you can't build a successful relationship.

These powerful ingredients will be revealed in relationship wisdom 3

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