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RELATIONSHIP WISDOM: Things To Consider Before Engaging In A Relationship

 The foundation of friendship


There are some knowledge everybody /anybody should possess before engaging in any form of relationship. What fuels the progress of every relationship at any level is knowledge and this in turn gives birth to understanding. As we all know, understanding is one of the major and powerful key to every successful relationship. 

Due to the fact that the word "relationship" is ambiguous, therefore, in this context, relationship is defined as the affair between two mature opposite sex [male and female], ready for marriage.

As it is well known that marriage is between a man and woman, from different background, different parent and with different character. Therefore, it is essential for my reader to acquire right knowledge [as dished in this article] to balance up and to fill up all the valley of difference.

Now let’s talk:

Before you start any relationship, I mean before you let your intention known to the other person, build a solid foundation first and this is called the foundation of friendship. Let me shock you, hope you are with me... most often, the people that KNOW you "inside-outside"[closely] are mainly your friends [close friends]. Therefore the platform for both of you to know each other freely and willingly is at the pedestal of friendship.

As a curious observer and researcher in this field of life [relationship], I have discovered that most spouses [90%], discussed heartfelt issues with their first-three friends instead of their spouse. Do you know why? They have only found a wife or an husband, a fiancée or a fiancé and not a friend. Therefore as a inquisitive researcher, the best and great advise am rendering to you, my reader, is, "the best thing you can be to your spouse is being a FRIEND" and "the best gift you can give to your spouse is the gift of FRIENDSHIP". 

I heard, someone say, “my relationship is not working have tried all I could!” Well, have you checked the foundation of friendship? hope your spouse is still a friend to you not just any other name you call him/her - honey, sweety, dear, baby so on and so on, is he/she still a friend to you!? I noticed that all the fancy names spouse called themselves lack it savor if not on the foundation of friendship.

Listen to this secrets:

You become one in the place of friendship before the religious act (wedding-being joined together) takes place.
Again, friendship is the bedrock for becoming a good and effective spouse [husband, wife, fiancé, fiancée and friend.
The key to every successful and blessed relationship is FRIENDSHIP.

what's friendship? let's do this in RELATIONSHIP WISDOM 2.

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