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VIDEO: Popular Pastor Makes Shocking Revelation, Says No COVID-19 In Nigeria


Founder and General Overseer of Salvation Ministries, David Ibiyeomie, has said coronavirus in Nigeria  is a scam plotted by the government to loot funds

Ibiyeomie during a sermon on Sunday said, Nigeria doesn’t have the virus and even if it does the figures released by the Nigeria Center for Disease Control was fake.

According to him, COVID-19 is rubbish and the government is using the deadly disease to embezzle funds.

He added that Malaria has killed more Nigerians than coronavirus.

He said,

“Coronavirus is just a virus. People are making noise about coronavirus, to me it is rubbish. Malaria kills more people in Nigeria than coronavirus.

“ In the villages, they die, so when we are closing borders up and down for what? I don’t even think Nigeria has it because you have heard Dokpesi say that they said he has it and they gave him malaria tablets. If he had it, why would they give him malaria tablets?

”In Nigeria, they are using it to eat money, governors and cooperation are telling lies and eating money. The government takes money from federal aid and association. They don’t have malaria overseers. Nigerians are already used to malaria in fact they are malaria themselves. Even if Nigeria has it I don’t think it is up to the number they are calling.

“When someone has a fever and high temperature they say, quarantine him, he has coronavirus. 56 people have been taken and 45 have been discharged, where do they treat them? Rivers State has no center and some states too but they are discharging them. Where are they discharging them from? They do not even have testing kits, so where did they discharge them from.

”Read the bible so corona will not come near you. It won’t come near you in Jesus name. I read the bible so I am not afraid of coronavirus. Some people even give more analysis than doctors. These days I even ask people if they are medical practitioners because some people have read about it too much that now they are even afraid.

”Words have power. Some people are even scared to sneeze, were people not sneezing before now?” he asked

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