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FINALLY! Prophet Odumeje (Indaboski) Reveals Source Of Power And Money (Video)


A video has surfaced on social media showing popular Nigerian prophet, Odumeje passionately talking about how he is able to perform miracles and have money.

Odumeje who is also known as the Lion himself, the Indaboski, or the Liquid Metal, gained the attention of people due to his interesting style of preaching.

In a video that has now surfaced on social media, the preacher spoke on the source of his money and power. According to Odumeje, if you serve a true living God, He will give you money. He also said that God is a rich God and he made Solomon rich.

The preacher added that he tells his followeirs that what makes God who He is are His miracles. “If there is no miracle, there is no God,” he said.

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