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President Buhari's Achievements In Five Years - Presidency (Download Document)


Presidency has disclosed the Muhammadu Buhari administration has made commendable impact in almost all the facets of Nigerian life since the inception of his administration.

Presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina, in a statement issued at the end of the first year of the second four-year term of the Muhammadu Buhari administration, and the fifth year of the government in office, said change had been wrought in nearly all phases of national life.

Adesina said the government, which swept into office on the wings of change, had fared better on the three umbrella areas on which government based its interventionist agenda, especially security; reviving the economy with particular emphasis on job creation, especially for youths; and fighting corruption.

According to him, 

“in these three areas, where we are today cannot be compared with where we used to be. Where the lofty goals are yet to be attained, it is work in progress, and eyes are firmly fixed on the ball. No distraction.”

Adesina, who attached a 60-page five-year Fact Sheet of the Muhammadu Buhari administration, said “facts are stubborn things, no matter how anybody tries to deny, distort or deride them.”

According to the statement titled 
“President Buhari’s Strides in Five Years”

“By May 2015, insecurity had badly fractured the fabric of the nation. No one could wager that the country would survive the next month, not to talk of another year. Bombs went off like firecrackers, insurgents ran riot round the country, other forms of crime and criminality held sway. Life was nasty, brutish and short.

“Over five years, the battle has been taken to insurgents and criminals. And they are being extinguished by the day, and very close to complete extirpation.

"The Administration has extended more than N2 Trillion Naira in bailout packages to State Governments, to enable them meet their salary and pension obligations, especially in the face of dwindling oil revenues in the first 3 years of the Administration"

“The economy, long dependent on a mono product – petroleum, is being retooled, refocused, with diversification as a task that must be accomplished. Agriculture has been given a fillip, manufacturing has got a shot in the arm, and solid minerals are contributing a large chunk to the Gross Domestic Product. The country is very close to food security, with rice, beans, maize, millet, and all sorts of grain no longer imported. We now eat what we grow."

 "investing in people, 500,000 N-Power beneficiaries currently enrolled and have been deployed and are receiving N30,000 in monthly stipends. Additional 40,000 are at various stages of enrolment."

"Bank of Industry has disbursed more than N400 billion in loans to large, medium, small and micro enterprises since 2016."

"It has also established a N5 Billion Fund for Artisanal Miners, as part of the Federal Ministry of Mines and Solid Minerals Development’s Programme to boost Mining activities in Nigeria; as well as a $20 million Fund to support young technology entrepreneurs in Nigeria"

“On the war against corruption, no quarter is asked, and none is given. Commit the crime, do the term. No retreat, no surrender.”

CLICK HERE to download the 60-page document.

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