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Views And Opinion: Co-Educational Schools Vs Single Sex Schools


Education is seen as a passport to be a better life but the argument is whether to get educated in separate or mixed schools. Recently, co-educational system is regarded as the best option while some people still think it is good for males and females to study separately.

To start with, separate schools for boys and girls is safer in order to avoid sexual assault. It has been discovered that there are increased sexual offences like rape or inappropriate sexual behaviors among students of mixed schools.

For instance, thousands of sexual assaults are reported in the U.S and African schools annually.

There are researches that indicated that these sexual assaults can be reduced in a separate school. Based on a movie I recently watched, there were different sexual assaults in a mixed school that eventually led to the suicide of a girl who was raped by her classmate.

During a research conducted, it was revealed that boys and girls have different attitudes to learning and teachers have different methods of teaching each gender. 

For example: students learn better in a cool environment where they are not distracted by the opposite sex.

They assimilate and participate actively in class activities because they are not conscious of their environment and not intimidated by the opposite sex.

Therefore, same sex schools make the students interact and participate actively during class activities.

On the other hand, I personally support co-educational system. However, it makes the boys and girls respect each other.

The school will make them understand that they have equal right in the society. For example, during extra-curriculum activities, boys will have the privilege to help and encourage the girls during difficult tasks.

Furthermore, mixed schools can help the boys and girls to improve their communication skills with each other. Some people believe that humans’ social skills are fundamentally developed because of their relationship with opposite sex during childhood.

The close relationship will not only help you in a co-educational system but will also help you during your matrimonial life. Hence, mixed schools allow boys and girls to respect each other in the society and also have a good communication skills.

In conclusion, mixed schools have more impact on students because they enable them interact with individuals outside the school environment. In my own perspective, co-educational system is better than same sex school.

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