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Bishop Oyedepo Discloses Shocking Number Of COVID-19 Cases Healed At Winners Chapel


The Bishop of Living Faith’s Church popularly called Winner’s Chapel, David Oyedepo has disclosed that the church has  received 62 testimonies of persons healed of Coronavirus.

The Bishop who revealed this during a live broadcast on Saturday expressed gratitude to God for the healing of the patients via listening to preachings from the church.

Bishop Oyedepo who has criticized the closure of churches due to coronavirus declared that the fear of death that comes with the disease was gone and that God has weakened the strength of the pestilence.

He said, 

“I’m glad to let you know this morning that the number of healings recorded from the testimonies received is now 62. That’s to tell you how God has weakened the strength of this noisome pestilence; anybody can be healed; whoever cares to come to Jesus. Anybody can be healed; whoever cares to come to the Great Physician.

“The Lord sent me with the Word of Faith to liberate the world from all oppressions of the devil through the preaching of the Word of Faith – clear, no mistake; it’s not a man that sent (me), No.

“Praying for the spirit of fear to lose its grip. It’s Kingdom advancement prayer. Nobody can get saved in death, so praying for men to be kept alive, for the fear of death to be gone.

“That person said (documented testimony from Canada) “suddenly, the spirit of death began to come” but she hooked online and by the Word, the spirit of fear left her. By the Word! What if she had no access online to the Word of life, she would be gone.

“Suddenly, she began to cough, catarrh came in – because fear opens the door to the devil. You are always a victim of what you fear.

“Therefore, the fear of death that coronavirus has come along with is declared gone and every victim around the world is declared liberated in the name of Jesus.”

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