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Naijaloan Review: "A New Platform Helping People Make Money" Is It Scam Or Legit?


Naijaloan is a new lending platform aimed at helping people make money online, especially during this time.

I’ll be discussing in this post a review  about the website to let you know if the platform is legit or scam.

Recently, there have been lots of questions about the "naijaloan platform".

So, I did a quick research to know if it's worth it.

Let's get started...

Naijaloan is a lending platform aimed at helping people make money online in Nigeria as said earlier.

The website was created on the 21st of March 2020 and since then they’ve been operating as a member to member lending platform.

Now, is it legit? 

Undoubtedly, there are lots of scam websites in Nigeria, this alone will make most people want to confirm if a platform is legit or not before joining.

You know one can't be sure, you can't know if you’ve not tested the program.

So, I decided to test the platform and I’ve confirmed that they are paying.

Now, that you know naijaloan is legit. Don't rush, read what you should know before you consider joining them.

What You Should Know About Naijaloan

It works like a Ponzi scheme. According to the website, you need only #1000 to earn up to #120000.
Too good to be true right? You should know that the earning system can’t continue like this without crashing anytime soon.

You have a chance to benefit from naijaloan if you join early, it won’t last forever, it will surely crash soon. So, you should join now and get your share before it’s too late.

How Does it Work?
There are six levels on the platform, and anyone interested can only start with the first level with #1000. All Members are lenders and borrowers.

Naijaloan is just like a middle-man that connects each member on the platform to each other.

See here is how it works below.

Level 1

This is the default level for all members. You’ll have to pay #1000 and get #5000 within one day which you can withdraw or use to upgrade to level 2.

Level 2

You’ll have to a pay #5000 to upgrade to level 2 and get #10000 in 2 days which you can withdraw or use to upgrade to level 3.

Level 3

To upgrade to level 3, you’ll have to pay #10000 and get #20000 within 4 days which you can withdraw or use to upgrade to level 4.

Level 4

On this level, you’ll have to pay #20000 and get #40000 within 6 days which you can withdraw or use to upgrade to level 5.

Level 5

To upgrade to level 5, you’ll have to pay #40000 and get #80000 within 10 days which you can withdraw or upgrade to level 6.

Level 6

This is the highest level. You’ll have to pay #80000 to upgrade to this level. The platform will give you #120000 within 10 days. Since this is the highest level, you can only withdraw all and restart from level 1.
That’s how it works.

How to Register

To register and become a member, you’ll have to pay #1000. Your default level will be level 1. Follow the steps below to register.

Then, fill in the required details correctly and click on “Register”.


After that, you’ll be paired with someone. The person is who you’ll pay #1000. This usually take few minutes.

Is Naijaloan legit?

Yes, the website is legit, they are paying currently. Although, it can crash anytime.

What happens if a member refuses to refund a loan?

If this happens, the system will be responsible, they'll direct another member to refund it.

On a final note, joining the platform depends on you, I won't recommend you to join the platform or not.

I will only recommend to join early if your decision is Yes.

If you need to ask any question, make use of the comment section.

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