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COVID-19: Chinese Government Reports 'No Cases' in Wuhan, The Epic Center


Health officials in Wuhan, the epicenter of the Coronavirus pandemic, that has affected over two million people worldwide causing 206,000 known deaths, have revealed that the city’s hospitals do not have any Coronavirus patients.

Mi Feng, the Chinese National Health Commission spokesman, said the number of new Covid-19 patients in the city was zero.

According to Mi Feng, the zero cases recorded in the city is as a result of coordinated efforts between medical personnel across China.

The lockdown in Wuhan was lifted on April 8 but there are still restrictions in the city as regards public transportation.

The Chinese government's reports of 'no cases' in Wuhan  is supposed to be good news for the rest of the world, so countries know the disease can be neutralized, but major countries do not trust China's Coronavirus reporting anymore.

World leaders have accused China of suppressing key information about the virus early on, while the U.S. accused China of keeping the World Health Organization under it's control through out the pandemic leading to Trump freezing almost $400m of funding to the WHO.

China said it would donate an additional $30 million to the WHO in response to  the U.S. move.

Health experts in the US and Europe also question how China was so successful in controlling the virus when neighboring countries like Singapore have seen new outbreaks

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