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COVID-19 Pandemic: Governor Distributes Alcohol To ‘Kill’ Coronavirus


The Governor of Nairobi, capital of Kenya, has distributed bottles of cognac to the poor, saying it protects against the novel coronavirus, though the drink maker and national government chided him for propagating a myth.

It should be noted that, Cognac is a specific type of brandy, an alcoholic beverage produced from distilled white wine. 

Mike Mbuvi Sonko, known for his chunky gold jewellery, impromptu raps and arrest in 2019, posted images of Hennessey bottles tucked inside food packages with flour and other staples on social media this week.

Sonko in a video, wearing a face mask said,

We are giving some small bottles of Hennessey in the food packs that we are giving to our people,” 

“From the research which has been conducted by the World Health Organisation and various health organisations, alcohol plays a very major role in killing the coronavirus or any sort of virus.” 

Meanwhile, LVMH, the world’s biggest luxury goods group which makes Hennessey cognac, said Sonko was wrong. 

“The consumption of our brand or any other alcoholic beverage does not protect against the virus,” its local office said in a statement.

LVMH, however, urged people to follow guidelines that include frequent washing of hands with soap.

Recall that, Kenya has 225 confirmed cases of COVID-19 so far and measures are in place to slow the spread. 

In a similar development, Government spokesman Cyrus Oguna said there was no science showing alcohol was a protection and cautioned politicians against using the pandemic for publicity. 

“We should not politicise this and do these things looking at the forthcoming election,” he said. 

“This is the life and the health of our people.” 

To the frustration of scientists and doctors around the world, social media has been awash with unproven, homespun remedies for COVID-19. 


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