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Coronavirus Pandemic: Councillor Disappears With COVID-19 Palliatives


Report says, a Councillor in Katcha local government area has been declared wanted by the Niger state government over alleged disappearance of 30 bags of grains meant to be distributed as palliatives in his constituency, to cushion the effect of coronavirus pandemic.

The secretary to the Niger state government who is also the Chairman Of the Niger State Task Force on COVID-19, Alhaji Ahmed Ibrahim Matane, confirmed the case, adding that, the councillor was part of a committee set up for the distribution of the grains to his community.

Matane added that 10 bags each of rice, maize, and millet, was allocated to the 274 wards across the 25 Local Government areas of the State by the State government. 

He said,
“Committees have been set up in each of the 274 wards in the State, which comprises of councillor, party chairman, ward head, and a religious leader to monitor the distribution of the grains."

Matane further said that, security agents have been ordered to get him arrested for proper investigation. 

Meanwhile, he said additional set of palliative grains will be distributed across the local government based on the procedure outline for the distribution across the State. 

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