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Let's not talk about the stylish appearance, forget about your assumptions.

If you really love someone, you shouldn't accept them for what you think they are, accept their realness, not just your imagination about them. This is why most people suffer heart breaks.

Though, my definition of love might be kind of unsimilar to what many might consider, but you need to know that, you must accept someone for who they really are, get to know the good, the bad and the ugly not just your fantasies about them.

Then, you're in love..........

Let's discuss what true love should look like in your relationship.......


Love is beyond sexual relations. You know that feeling, when you glance at someone and he/she completely understands you, when the respect and trust you have for each other is overwhelming, when you perfectly understands the needs of the other person.

It's absolutely a good feeling, when you feel entirely safe, when you start to think your love doesn't have a beginning and an ending, to the degree that, you think the bond is a mystery you can't unravel.


You love and value each other irrespective of your imperfections. Respect each other's flaws and agree to figure it out and remain cheerful in your likeness.

The moment you're not being ashamed or scared of being judged by anything you do in their presence.

When you are yourself with them, when you're not ashamed of your shameful habits, it's just like finding another you in them.


True love is when you are giving your best so that your partner can  be the best version of him/her self, no matter what the situation may be, your hope is never lost.

No matter how difficult, how gloomy your future seems like, you always believe in positivity and a bright future.

Undoubtedly, struggles and affliction most times ravage ones’s patience, but yours is an exception because, those critical situations make you and your loved one even stronger and more patient.

Accepting the good, bad and the ugly

To me it's accepting the realness of someone, the good, the bad and the ugly,  and only willing to make a change for important reasons and not just to satisfy yourself.

You value moments shared together, loving, caring and always instigating smiles.

You can go to any length for your partner, even if it's not convenient, even if it is hurting you just have to do what you have to do for the sake of love.


Forgiveness and tenderness are abundant in your heart.

You let go of dislikes or bitter feelings, you're kind to listen during arguments, you forgive and forget, you don't dwell in the past.

You resolve issues quite well, forgive, and plan on making your togetherness healthier and distinct.

Distance is not a barrier.

Being far away from each other doesn’t affect your love life. It doesn’t change you from being the adorable, faithful, innocent and sincere patner.

The word "doubt" is unsuspected in your relationship, just because you really do not only trust each other but also reliable and trustworthy.

Infact, a slight lucky chance of liberty would make you set out to wherever your patner is, just because you want to see the one that is next to your heart

You do not love for money 

When you don't put up fights over money, but all you do is deliberate on the advantages and otherwise, just because it’s nothing compared to the importance of your  relationship.

Sometimes, you ask yourself why you love your partner this much even without money but couldn't figure out why.

On a final note, you are the only one that can decide what love really means with the circumstances surrounding your relationship, there is no "accuracy" in defining love or what love should be.

The most important thing is that, in your relationship both partners feel loved and secured, and that vital needs are being taken care of. Then, it's worth it.

I hope you find this piece helpful, you can contribute in the comment section and kindly share with family and friends....

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