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Should Divorce Be An Option In A Marriage....?


By Oso Olasunkanmi

One major concept that have been highly debated on in marriage is divorce.

The debate however have received divergent opinions. While some are in support of it, some parties insist that divorce shouldn't be an option as God is not in support of it and marriage is for better for worst.

An institution which many believed his ordained by God and should be the only source of reliance to selecting a partner among other options.

However, many jump into conclusion as to who to marry based on frivolities leaving out who or what God have ordained for them.
This prompted the overarching  question of if a marriage is not ordained by God, should divorce be an option?

Here are what those who joined the conversation had to say about this issue.

Joseph Micheal

To me yes!! because  it is better to have freedom and peace of mind, than living in/be in hell.

Sesan Ojo

The best option is a divorce because i have seen  issues that at the end wife killed the husband.

Kemi Akinbobola

Not all marriages are ordained by God. Some didn't seek God's counsel in who to marry before going ahead out of ignorance. Some knew they should seek God but damned the consequences for materialism or physical beauty.

No matter the case,  God can still be sought for mercy and forgiveness. God the founder of the marriage institution will have mercy and help them right their wrong in the marriage.

Divorce is not an option in this case. Acknowledging their wrongs, allow God and move on is the option.

Thompson Falowo

A marriage not ordained by God is a living hell. Issues will always come up.

Luke Ishola

Divorce? No, you don't file for divorce. If not joined by God, He has His way turn things around. He has been doing it and will still.

When he sees the downfall of his her children, He find a means to save them, either by a particular case or Infidelity in order for His will to come to pass. Forgive me.

Absolutely No. He that has step up a thing will actually find a means of solution to that particular problem in order for His will to actually take effect. Since He listens to the cry of His children. But for man to file a divorce is absolutely a NO from me.

Tunde Adeleke

The what God has joined together here is the institution of marriage not a specific marriage. The marriage of the believer Is ordained by God, founded on God.

It doesn't matter where they had the wedding, and yes, it does apply.
Sincet the union was formed by the knowledge of men, divorce in itself was also formed from the knowledge of men.
Hot Seat

Hot Seat

Rey Ovie

This is a very important and yet critical subject, but with the help of the Holy Spirit we'll understand it and come to one conclusion.
First thing I'd like us to reflect on it's that whatever God has not planted, He will uproot.

And another thing I'd like us to also remember it's that whatever will make us sin and go to hell needs to be cut off at every cost. Heaven can not be substituted for anything whatsoever, be it a woman or a man or property or wealth.

And I'd also like us to reflect on the story of Samson and Delilah.* *If not for lust, pride and disobedience to simple instructions neglected (SIN).

Samson divorcing Delilah would've saved his life and he wouldn't have lost his sight and soul the way he did. Even though God turned it around against the Philistines because of their reprobate hearts.

It's a painful reality that most people marry outside God's plans and purpose these days. Although it all began from the Holy scriptures.
Innocent women and occasionally men has lost their lives just like Samson in the book of judges.

I don't advice anyone male or female to remain in any marriage that it's not okay. Marriage from the beginning was ordained by God to be enjoyed and not endured.

So when the punches begins to rain and the threats to life begins to set in, either vocally or silently, directly or indirectly. Divorce it's not to an option but the best resolve just to save a soul.

No matter how holy we claim to be and how Spirit filled we think we're, we still make mistakes just like Samson...

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