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Possible cure for coronavirus discovered in Nigeria


Following the recent coronavirus outbreak in the country, a scientist and researcher, Akinola Matthew Tolulope has called on scientists, biochemists, microbiologists to carry out phytochemical research on the Prospects and potency of some select African plants in killing the virus in it's early stage.

Akinola disclosed that, the laboratory results gotten from Queensland University in Australia affirm the fact that vitamin C and B6 present in banana can help in preventing COVID-19.

He added that, based on research which showed that the duration between exposure and symptoms of COVID-19 is 2-14 and research confirms that before coronavirus reaches the lungs it stays in the throat for four days during which the infected patient starts showing symptoms, It is scientific and logical to infer that at the  early stage of COVID-19's  colonization before it gets into the lungs, the virus can be killed.

He also noted that, in most cases, what has been done to most infected patient is isolation in which the patient either receive symptomatic or supportive treatments which may not stop the virus from establishing itself inside the host.

In the light of this, he implore all plant scientists, biochemist and microbiologist in the nation to carry out phytochemical research on the Prospects and potency of these select African plants: moringa, bitter cola, basil, lemon, guava, ginger, garlic, bitter melon, cucumber Euphorbia hirta and many more plants that are rich in Vitamin C, B6 and phytochemicals which have antiviral properties such as flavonoid and most especially tannin for killing COVID-19 at its early stage.


He later said this is because enveloped spike protein receptor of COVID-19 binds to host angiostein-converting enzyme 2 (ACE 2) and tannin is well known for it astringent effect, it ability to precipitate or shrink protein, inhibits viral reproduction and also inhibit DNA and RNA synthesis which should make it possible for COVID-19 to be killed in its early stage of colonization or even after successful colonization.

It would be recalled that since the coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria, confirmed cases have risen to 12, while over 1300 persons are being traced for isolation.

By Akinola Matthew Tolulope
Plant Scientist and Researcher, AAUA, Nigeria.

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