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GIVEAWAY: DJ Kaywise mistakenly sends fan N350,000 instead of N35,000


Ayorinde  Kehinde, Popularly called DJKaywise  who recently started a giveaway every Friday mistakenly sent a fan 350,00 instead of 35,000  promised.

DJKaywise was persuaded by fans earlier today to do some  giveaway, he complied as he told fans he would select ten people randomly to send them five thousand Naira each.

He later tweeted that he had mistakenly sent someone three hundred and fifty thousand naira instead of thirty-five thousand naira.

DJ Kaywise later tweeted,

"Everything is under control !! I don block am Oya let’s go be like say na sign from God na to give out 100k be that !!!"

He further said Giveaway has not been suspended, adding that the Friday giveaway continues till the country overcome coronavirus completely.

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