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Checkout The Best Ways To Cope With Heat And Protect Your Health


In time of extreme heat, the body gets dehydrated easily which may cause the body to develop some heat-illness such as heatstroke, heat cramps, and even heat exhaustion.

These health issues especially heatstroke are medical crisis which can cause severe damage to the body's key organs, or even cause death if neglected or not attended to immediately.

At thesame time excess heat can also make underlying medical conditions not so good.

Reports reveal that, those at high risk of heat-related illnesses are the aged people, 65 and above, nursing mothers, pregnant women, toddlers, young children and people who frequently work outdoors and are exposed to sun. 

Extreme heat has unfavorable side effects on people suffering from diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. 

Irrespective of  where you’re headed this season, always stay cool and relaxed  to save yourself from escapable heat injuries!

The most preferred way to cope with heat is to be prepared and understand how to manage it.

Everyone is unsafe, it has effect on everybody, both the young and healthy.

Check below some amazing ways to cope and protect your health during this heat season

Drink more water

Sweating cannot be avoided and this will cause the body to be dehydrated easily.

It's substantial to take more water to replenish the body as regards the loss of fluids. 

Take your bath repeatedly

In regards to the excessive heat , the body gets drenched than normal which requires extra care to avoid body odour.

This season requires frequent bath, especially when  you work from home.

Certainly, you should know you shouldn't use warm or hot water, all you need to keep your body fresh and give you that cooling sensation is a cold bath.

Put on Light clothes

Dark colours like navy blue or black are inappropriate to wear during this season, it takes in heat from the sun which would aggravate the situation of things.

Aside avoiding dark wears, you also need to avoid tight clothes because they are likely to absorb heat.

Try putting on something simple, light, cotton, silk clothes to allow your body take in air and let out.

You need to understand that this is no time to slay in your denim jackets, you just have save yourself from heat related illness with flexible and light- coloured wears.

Expect power failure

It's always so annoying when this happen during extremely hot nights. 

Especially in this part of the world, we experience this often and the power company are not making it any easy.

The need to prepare ourselves with these tips: 

  • Maintain moderate room temperature

  • Ensure that, the room is well ventilated

  • Do away with heat-generated substances

  • Avoid taking hot meals

  • Refrain from using dark-coloured curtains as they take in heat from the sun and by default increase the room temperature

  • Get a mini rechargeable fan

These will aid your sleep as it will drastically reduce the room temperature. 

Use wet wipes

Always have with you some wet wipes to keep your face fresh and relaxing.

Basically, wipes are meant to remove dirts and to lower the skin temperature in order to get rid of heat!

Look out for heat injury signs

Your health is very important, so to avoid heat injuries, you need to be mindful of your body’s reactions during this season.

Take note of some burnout symptoms like fast heartbeat, excessive sweating, pale skin, dark-coloured urine, tiredness, headache and so on.

This will enable you take quick action when required

Maintain a healthy diet

Obviously, everyone would want chilled things owing to the depth of the heat, it might be normal to keep going to ice cream stores a number of times than ever.

Even though it's refreshing and thirst-quenching, you need to be mindful of your intake.

Heat causes excess sweat and makes  you feel more weak, so it’s very essential to restore the body with healthy nutrients.

This period you can try to Include food high in water content, fruits and vegetables to your diet to replenish the body.

Avoid caffeinated drinks and Liquor

Alcoholic and caffeinated drinks will so much dehydrate you, and you wouldn't want such during this season. 

To stay healthy, you need to avoid energy drinks, alcohol, and coffee.

I hope you find this piece helpful, kindly share with family and friends to keep them informed

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